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    37 "Ms. Marvel" Details From Episode 1 That Are Small And Smart, But You Might've Missed Them The First Time

    Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe connecting to Ms. Marvel is something that makes me so happy.

    🚨 Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Ms. Marvel Episode 1 on Disney+! 🚨

    Hi, hello, and welcome back to these chaotic Marvel posts where I try to break down every detail or cool Easter egg. So, here are all the details I noticed in Ms. Marvel Episode 1:

    If you're new to these posts, welcome, and I apologize for all of my nerdy yelling! If you're returning after WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter SoldierLoki Season 1, What If...? Season 1, Hawkeye, AND Moon Knight, thanks so much for coming back!

    1. First, behind Kamala's drawing of Hawkeye, you can see a cat that looks a lot like Goose, the cat who is, of course, actually a Flerken that we last saw in Captain Marvel.

    The cat drawing juxtaposed with the actual cat being held and pet by Nick Fury

    2. While Kamala is telling the story about the Battle of Earth, you can see a Post-it Note that appears to read "Captain Marvel sightings" with a list of places, including Sandy Beach, Tokyo, a dark alley, etc.

    A screenshot from the show where the Post-it Note in question is barely visible in the corner of the screen

    3. During the montage, you'll notice that Kamala even included that Captain America's shield was broken during the fight with Thanos. I love seeing what details regular people know in regards to what happened in Avengers: Endgame.

    Kamala's rendering of Captain America juxtaposed with an image of him from Endgame; in both versions, a triangular chunk is missing from his shield

    4. When Captain Marvel burst onto the scene in Kamala's story, you can see she hilariously cuts to a bird and plane first, which is a nod to the iconic Superman line, "It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman."

    Three images back to back that show a hand-drawn bird, a photo of a real jet, and then a cartoon image of Captain Marvel on a cellphone

    5. At one point, you'll notice that Kamala has a drawing featuring Captain Marvel's original costume from the Ms. Marvel comic books from the 1970s, complete with a scarf. While Captain Marvel has moved away from this look, Kamala has re-created it in the comics.

    A glimpse of the old costume that features a red and black top with a scarf but no pants, next to the more modern costume that is red and blue with a gold logo

    6. Kamala's YouTube channel is "Sloth Baby Productions," which is a nod to her love of sloths, which is something that comes directly from the Ms. Marvel comic books. You'll even notice that Kamala's logo includes a sloth with wings, which matches Kamala's winged sloth stuffed animal from Ms. Marvel Issue #1 from 2014.

    7. Before we even meet them in the show, you can see that Bruno and Nakia, Kamala's two best friends, are the top two comments on her video about Ant-Man and Wasp's romantic trip to Paris.

    8. When Kamala gets in the car for her driving test, she's wearing a pair of blue-tinted sunglasses, and I'd like to think it's a nod to Tony Stark's iconic eyewear EDITH, which he eventually gives to Peter Parker. In real life, Iman Vellani is a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan too.

    Side-by-side photos of Kamala and Tony Stark wearing glasses tinted a similar color

    9. When Kamala goes to school, you can see a sign listing when the school was founded with a bunch of names. G. Willow Wilson, Stephen Wacker, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie are all comic book writers, editors, and artists who helped create Kamala Khan for Marvel in 2013 and worked on the early comics. Meanwhile, Ian Herring, Takeshi Miyazawa, Joe Caramagna, and Nico Leon have all worked on various Ms. Marvel comics since. Coles Academic High School is also the name of Kamala's school in the comic books.

    A sign outside the school that has the school's names as well as a list of all the people's names mentioned above

    10. If you look closely, you can see that Kamala's shirt features Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, and Wasp on it. Listen, I take this as a sign that we will get a Carol and Valkyrie team-up (read: possible romance) in the MCU.

    Kamala is wearing a jacket, so only a small bit of her T-shirt underneath is visible, but you can make out Captain Marvel flanked on either side by Wasp and Valkyrie

    Here's a better look at the shirt from one of the Ms. Marvel trailers too:

    kamala's avengers shirt featuring valkyrie and carol is a BIG mood. i'm not ready for this #MsMarvel

    @noradominick / Marvel / Via Twitter: @noradominick

    11. Kamala's guidance counselor, Mr. Wilson, is a nod to G. Willow Wilson, who wrote the Ms. Marvel comic books from 2013 until 2019. She's one of the comic book writers who is credited with creating Kamala Khan alongside Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie.

    12. After Mr. Wilson references Mulan while talking about Kamala's future, there's an awesome editing moment where Kamala and Gabe's faces are split down the middle. This is similar to the iconic moment in Mulan when she sings "Reflection."

    An image with a split screen of half of Kamala and Mr. Wilson's faces, juxtaposed with half of Mulan's face covered in makeup and the other half bare

    13. When Kamala is biking home, you can spot a tiny, gold Avengers pin and a Captain Marvel pin on her backpack. Also, earlier, you could spot a Hulk patch on her backpack.

    14. While trying to come up with how to make her Captain Marvel cosplay unique, Kamala suggests a mashup of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange. In Captain Marvel Issue #28 from 2019, Carol actually tries to learn magic from Strange. And there's even a comic where Strange and Carol hook up.

    15. And then, Kamala suggests that maybe she should go as zombie Captain Marvel to Avengers Con. In the comic book series Marvel's Zombies: Resurrections, we do see a zombie version of Captain Marvel, notably in Marvel's Zombies: Resurrections Issue #4.

    16. When Kamala gets home from school, she turns on the TV and you can see she's watching Felicity. In fact, it's the Season 1 finale, titled "Felicity Was Here," where Felicity and Ben first kiss.

    17. When Kamala and her mom run errands, there's a poster for the film India in Technicolor, and you can spot the names "J. Vash," "J. Haddad," and "H. Avant." All three of these names correspond to people who work on Ms. Marvel. Julie Vash was the set designer, Jessie Haddad was one of the art directors, and Hajr Avant worked in the art department.

    18. When Kamala's parents use ZuZu to switch the TV to the "sports channel," you can spot that they're watching a cricket game. Just behind India, Pakistan ranks as one of the biggest countries for cricket.

    19. When Kamala's brother comes to her room to talk to her, you can see that she's wearing a sloth shirt and he picks up a sloth stuffed animal. Again, in the comics, Kamala has an affinity for sloths and even has a winged sloth stuffed animal.

    20. When Kamala is trying on her Captain Marvel cosplay costume, you can spot a Captain Marvel poster featuring Brie Larson. At this point, all of the other depictions of the character in the show were drawings and comics.

    21. When Kamala's parents suggest that she go to AvengerCon with her dad and they are both dressed as Hulk, Kamala mentions how there is no "big Hulk, little Hulk." I'd like to think this is a clever nod to the upcoming She-Hulk series.

    22. When Kamala is detailing her plan to Bruno, you can spot a Captain Marvel clock on the wall of her bedroom. This depiction of Captain Marvel is from the cover of Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

    23. Kamala mentions that when she sneaks out of her house, she does a "graceful descent," which is a nod to the iconic superhero landing poses from the MCU. You know, the ones that Yelena makes fun of.

    24. During Kamala's ideal AvengerCon experience montage, you can see Bruno wearing Tony Stark's purple suit and EDITH, as well as Kamala doing the "Wakanda forever" salute with other cosplayers.

    25. While sneaking out of her bedroom, you can spot Kamala wearing an Avengers T-shirt with the signature Avengers "A."

    26. AvengerCon is held at Camp Lehigh, which we first learned about in Captain America: The First Avenger. It's the military base where Steve Rogers trained and where he was eventually chosen for the super soldier program. It's also where S.H.I.E.L.D. operated out of following WWII.

    A banner reads "Welcome to Camp Lehigh, home of Captain America"

    27. When Bruno and Kamala enter AvengerCon, you can hear "Star Spangled Man with a Plan" playing. This song was notably featured in Captain America: The First Avenger when Steve was on his USO tour.

    28. Alright, inside AvengerCon there are a TON of Easter eggs. Like, almost too many to include in this post. To start, we get a hilarious cartoon of Captain America, which is a nod to Scott Lang calling Steve's butt "America's ass" in Avengers: Endgame. I'd like to think on his podcast, Scott shared this story.

    A cartoon Captain America has a comically oversized butt, and the text around him says "You're welcome America"

    29. There's a beautiful (and heartbreaking) tribute to Natasha and Tony for their sacrifice in defeating Thanos during Avengers: Endgame. I'm so happy Natasha finally gets a tribute — it's what she deserves.

    A mural saying "Thank you for your sacrifice" with artist drawings of Natasha and Tony

    30. You can see a fan dressed up like Drax selling DVDs for The Peter Quill Star-Boy Story.

    31. AvengerCon sells "Asgard Pride" shirts, which I have to assume is thanks to Valkyrie. While it hasn't been explicitly addressed in the movies, Tessa Thompson has confirmed that Valkyrie is bisexual.

    32. There's also a shirt with Groot on it that calls him "Mr. Tree," and I just think it's the funniest and most perfect thing ever. Did the people of Earth name him Mr. Tree?! I have questions.

    33. There's a booth that is handing out pamphlets about tours of New Asgard, which is what Asgard is called after the Asgardians relocate to Earth in Avengers: Endgame.

    34. Zoe's Captain Marvel costume for the cosplay contest is a nod to the suit Carol Danvers originally wore in Ms. Marvel Issue #1 from 1977. Her costume even incorporates a sash around Zoe's waist, which is similar to Ms. Marvel's scarf that she wore at the time.

    35. When Kamala first uses her powers while on stage at AvengerCon, the moment mirrors when Carol gets the use of her powers back after being taken by the Skrulls in Captain Marvel.

    Kamala staring at her glowing hand juxtaposed with Carol also staring at her hands

    36. During the Ms. Marvel closing credits, you can spot a drawing on a wall that is a nod to the iconic cover art from Ms. Marvel Issue #1 from 2014 by G. Willow Wilson. There's also other nods to Ms. Marvel comic book covers that highlight Kamala's powers and her signature look.

    37. And finally, in the post-credits scene, we see that the Department of Damage Control know about Kamala's little powers outburst at AvengerCon. Most notably, Agent P. Cleary appears again, who we first met in Spider-Man: No Way Home when he brought Peter into the police station after his identity is revealed. The DODC also first appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell me everything in the comments below!