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    Don't Worry, Marvel Says We're Going To Learn If Yelena Was Dusted During "Infinity War," And Yes, I'm Already Crying

    "That's all it's been about. Bringing everybody back."

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE — and I mean MASSIVE — spoilers ahead for Black Widow!🚨

    Yes, hello, it's me! Black Widow is finally here, so naturally it's all I can talk about.

    While I knew I was going to love this movie — I mean, Florence Pugh joined the MCU — I think I can safely say (after watching it six times lol) that it's one of my favorite Marvel movies.

    Yelena and Natasha embracing

    Black Widow has a ton of heartbreaking moments, but the one that hits me every single time is the post-credits scene where we see Yelena visit Natasha's grave in Ohio.

    Since the post-credits scene takes place after Nat's sacrifice on Vormir in Avengers: Endgame, naturally everyone is wondering what happened to Yelena during The Blip — namely, was she dusted by Thanos?

    Well, in a Twitter Q&A, Kevin Feige addressed if Yelena was dusted, and he said we "will find out."

    You will find out, but not on this Twitter thread. -KF #BlackWidowWatchParty

    @MarvelStudios / Via Twitter: @MarvelStudios

    Now, since I'm me, I immediately put on my Marvel theory cap and I am already crying over this information we're going to be getting.

    For starters, there's a theory that in Infinity War when everyone is snapped, the reason Natasha holds her vest — Yelena's vest — is because she thought about Yelena in this moment and realized she might be gone.

    So, if Yelena was Blipped, this just makes Nat's actions in Endgame even more heartbreaking, especially when you think about how one of the reasons she chose to retrieve the Soul Stone instead of Clint was because he has a family.

    And one of the motivating factors behind Natasha's sacrifice was probably because she wanted to make sure Yelena (and maybe Alexei and Melina) would return, alongside her Avengers family.

    Now, since we know Yelena will be appearing in the upcoming Hawkeye series, I'm assuming this is when we'll learn more about if Yelena was dusted and what she's been up to since she said goodbye to Natasha.

    I'm already weeping because can you IMAGINE if we find out about Yelena being Blipped just like we did with Monica in WandaVision?

    AND we might have to watch her learn about Natasha's death?! BRB, already crying.

    Basically, you can probably tell that Yelena has become one of my favorite MCU characters and I'm excited to see her upcoming journey, but oh god, it's going to make we weep.

    Do you think Yelena was dusted? How do you think we're going to find out what happened to her? Tell me everything in the comments below!