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    Here's What The "Black Widow" Post-Credits Scene Means For The MCU

    I'll explain it through my tears. 🥺

    Black Widow dropped on Disney+ with Premier Access and in theaters today, July 9. Like the majority of Marvel movies, it has a secret extra scene after the credits roll.

    Marvel / Via


    Marvel / Via

    Please don't read any further until you've, like, actually watched Black Widow

    The post-credits scene is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, during which Natasha Romanoff sacrificed her own life by jumping off the cliff at Vormir in exchange for the Soul Stone.

    Clint begging her not to jump
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    As a refresher, she went with Clint Barton, her best friend and mentor, and they fought over who'd be the one to make the sacrifice.

    Now, Natasha's little sister Yelena is visiting her grave in Ohio.

    Yelena leaning over Natasha's grave
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    She does the little whistle that was their secret signal, and she hears footsteps — it's Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who previously appeared in Episode 5 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

    Contessa standing next to Yelena in Black Widow and Contessa speaking to John Walker in Falcon & The Winter Soldier
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    The last time we saw Val, she offered her support to the disgraced John Walker and told him she'd be in touch. In the comics, she calls herself Madame Hydra, so she's definitely bad news.

    This scene, however, was initially meant to be Val's MCU debut.

    Val blowing into a piece of tissue as Yelena looks on
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Black Widow was originally going to premiere before FATWS.

    Now, she appears to be working with Yelena.

    Yelena tells her she shouldn't be bothering her on her holiday
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Or, more distinctly, Yelena is working for her. 

    Val offers Yelena a "shot at the man who's responsible for" Natasha's death on Vormir — Clint Barton.

    Val holding up her phone to show a picture of Clint Barton
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Basically, if Clint had been the one to make the sacrifice, then Natasha would've walked away. However, she wanted to save Clint because he saved her from the Red Room. Yelena doesn't know that, though.

    This could potentially set up a plotline in Hawkeye, one of the upcoming Marvel series on Disney+.

    Marvel / Via

    So far, there's no confirmed release date, but Florence Pugh is set to return as Yelena Belova.

    Marvel / Via Disney+

    Yelena knows about Clint and Natasha's friendship, but she probably also knows about the killing spree he went on after the Blip.

    Clint standing in the pouring rain
    Marvel / Via Disney+

    So, it's pretty likely that she'll be portrayed as a villain early on, but it's Marvel, so who really knows what might happen? 

    Personally, my theory is that she'll team up with Kate Bishop to form the Young Avengers. 

    So, what role do you think Yelena will play in Hawkeye? And what about Val? Let me know in the comments!

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