"Black Widow" May Be The Most Heartbreaking Film In The MCU, And I'm Not The Only One Who Thinks So

    I'm not okay!!!!!

    Black Widow FINALLY dropped Thursday night after basically a decade of waiting.

    It was funny, action-packed, and suspenseful — but most of all, it was pretty damn heartbreaking.

    Mostly 'cause (spoiler alert, in case you live under a rock) Nat died in Avengers: Endgame, which takes place after this film.

    Not only was this film a reminder of how much we love Nat, but it also gave us the family we didn't know she had — a family who mourned her loss more than even the Avengers did.

    Here are 29 tweet reactions of everyone crying over the film/Natasha all over again:

    1. Everyone's still pretty emotional.

    say "i" if you still have many thoughts about the black widow movie or if you are still crying

    2. While the movie could be lighthearted and fun at times, people kept wanting to cry every two seconds knowing Nat's dead.

    watching #BlackWidow while knowing what happens to her in endgames hurt so much

    Twitter: @harrysuitss

    3. Even though some of us (including me) held out a tiny piece of hope that she'd actually come back to life.

    Me after watching the #BlackWidow end scene thinking Natasha was going to actually came back to life this movie

    4. Especially in the final scene, when Yelena whistles for her sister at her grave.

    #BlackWidow Spoilers - - - - - - - Me waiting for #NatashaRomanoff to whistle back in the end credits scene:

    Twitter: @scarlet_witchxx

    5. Let's talk about that grave scene. It might be one of the saddest moments in the entire MCU.

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - - - - the scene: the cameraman:

    Twitter: @danverscyrus

    6. Seeing Nat get a headstone made people emotional, even though we know it's empty. :(

    #BlackWidow Spoilers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Me realising that they couldn’t even bury Nat’s body and Yelena comes back all the time to clean an empty grave.

    Twitter: @tobiochanboke

    7. And the details on the headstone — "daughter, sister, avenger" — as well as the fact that it was in Ohio (where Nat and Yelena had their three years of normalcy) were pretty much just soul-shattering.

    #BlackWidow spoilers!! - - - - - - - - nat’s “i want to stay in ohio” so her grave was in ohio can u hear my heart shattering?????

    Twitter: @natashasmygem

    8. It definitely brought renewed focus on Nat's death, and the two families she died to save.

    natasha romanoff had two families and she diėd just to saved them #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @doraemaynat

    9. I...am not okay.

    #BlackWidow spoilers!! - - - - - - - - THIS FUCKING HURTS SO MUCH

    10. People were especially mad at the whole "Clint deserved to live because he had a family" thing from Endgame — seeing as Natasha had two.

    #BlackWidow Natasha in Endgame: “bUt cLiNt YoU hAvE a FaMiLy & I dOnT” Yelena. Alexei, & Melina:

    Twitter: @kate_pvris

    11. I mean, it was kind of hard to ignore the fact that Nat dies. Black Widow kept foreshadowing (backshadowing?) it and drawing parallels.

    Twitter: @scarjofav

    12. It had a TON of long falls Natasha survived, painfully reminding us of the one she didn't.

    #BlackWidow spoilers // - - - - - - - where was those skills on vormir 😭

    Twitter: @natqshas

    13. Certain details from Infinity War and Endgame just became that much more heartbreaking — like the fact that Nat was wearing Yelena's vest in Infinity War.

    So you are telling me that Nat was wearing Yelenas jacket vest throughout the entire Infinity War? Yeah sure I am okay with this information, cool. #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @ughwils0n

    14. And that she touched it right after the snap, possibly showing she was thinking of Yelena and wondered if she'd been dusted.

    ❗️BLACK WIDOW SPOILERS ❗️#BlackWidow - - - - nat holding onto yelena’s vest bc she thought about her after the snap

    15. Which also makes Nat's decision to sacrifice herself in Endgame that much clearer/more devastating.

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - what if yelena didn’t survive the snap and that’s why nat was so determined to find a way to get everyone back and sacrificed herself so her sister would come back

    Twitter: @spideysrue

    16. But it wasn't just things about Nat's death that made us cry.

    #BlackWidow spoilers!! - - - - pov: u are crying an awful lot when u saw these scenes for the first time

    Twitter: @natashasmygem

    17. Florence Pugh was incredible as Yelena, and her scenes were especially emotional.

    #blackwidow spoilers - - - - - - - "the best part of my life was fake and none of you told me"

    Twitter: @astralvies

    18. The scenes between Yelena and Nat just made me cry every time.

    #BlackWidow SPOILERS yelena’s reaction after nat told her it was real for her too 🥺

    19. Which is awful because WE'RE NEVER GOING TO SEE THEM TOGETHER AGAIN.

    // #BlackWidow screencaps - - - - - marvel: gives us the best sibling duo dynamic also marvel: btw ur never gonna see them ever again after this 2 hour movie, tough luck !!

    20. Overall, people were just upset that there won't be any future Black Widow films with Natasha.

    A Scarlett Johansson led #BlackWidow trilogy could have rivaled or even surpassed Captain America for best trilogy in the MCU

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @BestfScarlett

    21. The film felt like an introduction and a swan song at the same time — like Nat's story was over before it began.

    #BlackWidow scarlett johansson and also first movie in MCU her last

    Twitter: @doraemaynat

    22. But most were satisfied with the way it ended, truly paying tribute to Natasha as a character.

    #BlackWidow SPOILERS !! . . . . . this scene. this broke me. marvel said they’d give nat a proper farewell & this scene was it (+ the end credit). the sun shining behind her as she whistles back to yelena. so bittersweet & heartbreaking. goodbye natasha. thanks for everything 🤍

    Twitter: @habibibucky

    23. People loved that we know exactly where she's going, and that it's a heroic mission.

    ‼️ #BlackWidow SPOILERS ‼️ - - - - this is the last shot of Natasha in the MCU, and it’s the one where we know exactly what happens after she gets on the jet. it feels a little haunting, but we know she’s about to do a very heroic thing and it’s almost kinda peaceful.

    Twitter: @aw_hawkeye

    24. They also loved that her intro and exit came full circle.

    #blackwidow spoilers - - - - - i saw a post on tumblr that said that natasha’s first mcu shot is her walking towards us and her last mcu shot is her walking away from us

    Twitter: @natashasbatons

    25. The firefly symbolism especially wrapped up her legacy as a light in the darkness within the MCU.

    #BlackWidow movie's intro and ending for natasha 🥺

    Twitter: @natromanoof

    26. A bunch of people drew parallels to the other Phase 4 films/series, all of which have been pretty heartbreaking...

    phase 4 of the marvel cinematic universe really is the "what is grief, if not love persevering" era #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @noradominick

    27. ...Leaving people pretty overwhelmed after seeing this new installment.

    me still processing black widow wandavision/ tfatws/loki

    Twitter: @nbrzvske

    28. In conclusion...

    does watching black widow make me cry? yes. but is it my comfort movie? also yes.

    29. ...Natasha, we will miss you.

    this is going to be me every night after i watch #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @doraemaynat