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    Elizabeth Olsen Explained Why She Deleted Her Social Media And Why She's "Never Going Back"

    "I am terrified of that pressure."

    Listen, I've said it before, but WandaVision is definitely one of the biggest TV shows of 2021.

    Wanda and Vision grinning at each other as they wear their Halloween costumes

    And because of this, Elizabeth Olsen has become a household name due to her incredible work as Wanda Maximoff in this nine-episode series.

    Wanda looking down at Vision's dead body saying "I can't feel you"

    To celebrate the success of WandaVision, Elizabeth sat down with Glamour UK, where she opened up about being famous, her mental health, and she addressed why she deleted her Instagram.

    Elizabeth wearing a patterned blazer during her interview

    If you're a fan of Lizzie's, chances are you remember her Instagram, which was mostly home to adorable videos of her gardening and cooking.

    Elizabeth saying, "I have another secret Avengers thing for you" and then singing, "Our strawberries are growing"

    But she abruptly deleted her Instagram during the summer of 2020, and at the time, rumors spread that it was because people in the comments were bullying her for not posting a tribute to Chadwick Boseman after his death.

    Elizabeth on a interview panel with Chadwick and Paul Bettany

    In her interview with Glamour UK, Elizabeth said that she wasn't "bullied," but she just realized the whole thing made her "uncomfortable" because she was "trying to create a character version of myself and put it out in the world."

    "It's not even like I was really paying attention to comments or anything. I just felt weird how it organized my brain. Like, if something happened in the world, I was like, 'Oh, do I have to post about this?'"

    Wanda about to use her powers in WandaVision

    She went on to explain that she hated the feeling of living in the "narcissistic cycle" of thinking "I'm an entitled person whose voice must be heard on this issue."

    Elizabeth continued, saying, "It’s important for people who want to be voices and have platforms and who care deeply about issues. But I am terrified of that pressure."

    So, for her mental health, she decided to delete Instagram and take a step back. She said, "I'm gonna do my things that I think are important for the things that I care about and try and be kind and good and learn and listen."

    And if fans (like myself) are wondering if she'll ever return to social media, Elizabeth said, "I won't go back. I'm never going back to social media."

    Elizabeth explaining how she learned how to blend makeup on the apple of her cheeks from Paul Rudd

    You can read Elizabeth's entire interview with Glamour UK here and watch their video with her below!

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