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Here Are Just 33 Times Elizabeth Olsen Was Hilarious And Wholesome Behind The Scenes

Elizabeth Olsen is literally the queen of interviews, even if she doesn't know it.

1. First, when Elizabeth Olsen screamed after Robert Downey Jr. ate Chris Evans' donut and the three of them couldn't keep a straight face.

Chris Evans asking Robert Downey Jr. if he ate the last donut with red, white, and blue sprinkles. Then, the two of them getting ready to fight and Lizzie screaming

You can watch the full moment here:

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YouTube / Marvel / Via youtu.be

2. When Lizzie did Vanity Fair's lie detector test and revealed that she's an aspiring stoner, which just made me love her even more.

3. And, when she revealed that she had never met John Krasinski, despite the fact that they starred in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness together.

You can watch the full adorably chaotic video below:

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Vanity Fair / Via youtu.be

4. When Benedict Cumberbatch joked that Lizzie should read the script before showing up to set, and she had the perfect reaction.

Benedict saying, "Well, Lizzie, it's like if you read the script you come better prepared" and Lizzie saying, "I don't read, Benedict"

5. When she wrapped her scarf around Aubrey Plaza while they were at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival for Ingrid Goes West.

I want someone to wrap their scarf around me like #ElizabethOlsen does for Aubrey Plaza ❄️

@IAmHighOnHeels / Via Twitter: @IAmHighOnHeels

6. When she drank margaritas with Benedict Cumberbatch on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and it only made me want to hang out with her more.

You can watch the full sketch below:

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CBS / Via youtu.be

7. When she got excited about Scarlet Witch's storyline from the House of M comics way back in 2015, and then it ended up happening in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Elizabeth explaining that her favorite Scarlet Witch story is "House of M," but she doesn't think Marvel would ever do it because it's too dark, but she loves when Wanda loses her mind

8. When she went on Hot Ones and was literally unfazed by the spiciest wing she had to eat.

For comparison, this is Lizzie vs. Tom Holland eating the same spicy wing:

9. And when she was asked to promote her upcoming projects, and instead she talked about what she was literally doing at that very moment.

You can watch her full Hot Ones video below:

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Hot Ones / Via youtu.be

10. When she revealed that she loves that fans call her "mommy," and I really don't have anything else to add here because...yup.

11. When Kathryn Hahn and Lizzie consistently compliment each other every time they get together, like when they were at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

12. When Lizzie had no idea that Chris Evans was hiding in the bathroom waiting to scare her.

Chris Evans crouched on the floor of a bathroom and scaring Elizabeth Olsen, and Elizabeth screaming

You can watch the full moment here:

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The Ellen Show / Via youtu.be

13. When she was looking super cool while filming Wanda's big moment in Avengers: Endgame, but then she tripped.

14. When she tried to keep up with a professional chef and her facial expressions just really said it all.

Elizabeth Olsen saying, "I make really fun faces when I'm like frustrated or straining, and it's not pleasant to have a camera in front of me." Then, Elizabeth making funny faces while cooking

You can watch the full moment here:

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Bon Appetit / Via youtu.be

15. When Lizzie said that her mom wasn't impressed with her Scarlet Witch Funko Pop considering she's not the first Olsen to have a doll.

16. When she talked about how much work she did in college because she was preparing for the "nepotism comments" she was going to get because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are her sisters.

Elizabeth explaining how she felt like she had to be "really confident" in her skills before becoming a professional actor because everyone was also going to think she only got where she was because of nepotism

17. And when she opened up about why she decided to keep "Olsen" as her last name when she became an actor.

Elizabeth explaining that when she was little she thought about going by "Elizabeth Chase," but realized she loved her name and her sisters, so why should she change her name

18. When she revealed that she won't watch her Marvel movies at premieres anymore because she always looks around and thinks it's Marvel's "first flop."

19. When she spotted — and then met — Mark Hamill at the Captain America: Civil War premiere in London and started crying.

That's MISTER Harmill to you! 🙄 https://t.co/w0GoG1rxkn

20. When Lizzie couldn't keep a straight face after Paul Bettany crouched out of frame while filming a scene from Captain America: Civil War.

Paul Bettany as Vision saying, "Stay here," and then crouching down, and Elizabeth starting to laugh

21. When she shot a Nerf gun during an interview with Aubrey Plaza and couldn't stop laughing.

Aubrey Plaza telling Elizabeth to just shoot the NERF gun, then Elizabeth screaming and laughing

You can watch the full moment here:

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Glamour / YouTube / Via youtu.be

22. When Lizzie sang her go-to Spice Girls karaoke song to Paul Bettany, but he had never heard the song before.

23. When she acted out her part in Avengers: Infinity War, and tbh it was as good as the actual movie.

Elizabeth saying, "And then, Thanos is like, 'Give me the Infinity Gauntlet. And Scarlet Witch's like, 'I don't think so'"

You can watch the full moment here:

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MTV / YouTube / Via youtu.be

24. When Lizzie reunited with Julian Hilliard, who plays Wanda's son Billy, on the red carpet for the Multiverse of Madness premiere, and it was simply the cutest thing on this planet.

Elizabeth telling Julian how cute he looks

You can watch the reunion below:


Hopefully they’re reunited in the movie too 😭 #wandavision #wandamaximoff #doctorstrange #marvel

♬ original sound - IGN

25. When Anthony Mackie hilariously made fun of Elizabeth for only having to do hand movements in Civil War, but she knew that Wanda was still the strongest Avenger.

Anthony Mackie saying, "Some of us had intense stunts. She's at a rave the whole movie," and Elizabeth flipping her hair

You can watch the full moment here:

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CBS / Via youtu.be

26. When she showed up to the Ingrid Goes West premiere, and Aubrey Plaza surprised her by wearing the exact same outfit.

Elizabeth Olsen spotting Aubrey Plaza on the red carpet wearing the same black shirt and skirt

You can watch the full moment here:

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AP / Via youtu.be

27. When she shared a "secret Avengers thing" with the world...and it was just her being proud of growing strawberries.

Elizabeth saying, "I have another secret Avengers thing for you" and then singing, "Our strawberries are growing"

28. When Lizzie and Evan Peters could not stop laughing while filming this WandaVision, and the outtakes are so perfect.

Evan and Lizzie laughing, and Lizzie collapsing to the ground

29. When Lizzie and Chris Evans were in a dance-off and, well, the GIF really speaks for itself.

You can watch the full moment here:

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The Ellen Show / Via youtu.be

30. When she prank called Robbie Arnett, her husband, while on helium and it was just so wholesome.

Elizabeth Olsen saying, "Robbie, somebody made me call you on helium. This is so weird. Okay, I love you"

You can watch the full moment here:

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Allure / YouTube / Via youtu.be

31. When she went to a totally different restaurant after she spotted Jimmy Kimmel because she didn't know if she should say hi to him or not.

Elizabeth saying that she has really bad social anxiety and when she spotted Jimmy Kimmel in a restaurant she didn't go inside because she didn't want to sit through a meal not knowing if she should say hi or not

32. When she told this story about how she met Taylor Swift and she was so nervous that it turned into an awkward conversation about her ballet class.

Elizabeth saying how she "blew it" talking to Taylor Swift because she couldn't remember the name of the Taylor Swift song she danced to in her ballet class

33. And finally, when Lizzie was just excited that someone googled asking how she was doing.

Elizabeth reading, "How is Elizabeth Olsen?" from a Google search and saying, "I'm great. Thanks for asking Google"