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    31 Of Wanda's Best Moments From "WandaVision" That Should Earn Elizabeth Olsen An Award

    I just want to fling an award at Elizabeth Olsen for Episode 8 alone.

    It's no secret that WandaVision has been one of my favorite TV shows this year. I mean, I literally can't stop yelling about my love for Wanda Maximoff.

    And now that WandaVision has officially ended, I think it's time we talked about Elizabeth Olsen's career-defining performance on this show.

    So, because I already want to start campaigning for Elizabeth to get nominated and/or win every award for her work on this show, here are 31 WandaVision moments that showcase her incredible performance:

    🚨Warning: There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for every episode of WandaVision!🚨

    1. First, when Wanda gave Vision permission to save Mr. Hart's life while he was choking during dinner.

    Mrs. Hart repeatedly saying, "Stop it" and Wanda eventually saying, "Vision, help him"

    2. When a S.W.O.R.D. agent came through the sewer, and just the way Wanda refused to let them ruin her happiness with Vision.

    Wanda saying, "No"

    3. When Wanda looked heartbroken after Vision first brought up the idea that something was wrong with Westview.

    Vision saying, "I think something's wrong here, Wanda"

    4. When Wanda remembered that she's a twin and she mentioned Pietro for the first time since his death.

    Wanda saying, "I'm a twin. I had a brother. His name was Pietro"

    5. When Wanda's expression completely changed after Geraldine/Monica mentioned that Pietro was killed by Ultron.

    Monica saying, "He was killed by Ultron, wasn't he?" and Wanda saying, 'What did you say? What did you say just now?"

    6. And then, when Wanda did the classic Wanda Maximoff head tilt, which is how you always know something is about to go down.

    Wanda saying, "Who are you?!"

    7. When Wanda blasted Monica out of Westview after she realized that Monica was "a stranger."

    Wanda telling Monica that she's trespassing and they aren't friends and that she wants Monica to leave

    8. When Wanda briefly saw Vision's dead body after turning around, and then she told him that they can't leave Westview.

    Vision telling Wanda that they can go wherever they want and Wanda saying, "No, we can't"

    9. When Wanda emerged through The Hex for the first time and warned Hayward to stay out of her home.

    Wanda saying, "This will be your only warning. Stay out of my home. You don't bother me. I won't bother you"

    10. When Vision questioned Wanda's involvement in what was happening in Westview and they got into a fight.

    Vision telling Wanda he's scared and doesn't remember his life, and Wanda saying that he's her husband and a father, isn't that enough?

    11. And then, when she heartbreakingly told Vision, "You don't believe me."

    A doorbell ringing while Wanda and Vision fight and Wanda saying, "I didn't do that. I— You don't believe me"

    12. When Wanda explained to "Pietro" that she remembered feeling completely alone before Westview.

    Wanda saying, "I don't know how I did it. I only remember feeling completely alone. Empty. I just... Endless nothingness"

    13. When Billy told Wanda that something was wrong with Vision, and she froze everyone and moved the borders of The Hex.

    14. When Wanda channeled her inner Claire Dunphy from Modern Family, and it was just so spot on.

    Wanda talking to the camera and saying, "I don't understand what's happening. Why it's...why it's all falling apart and why...I can't fix it"

    15. When Monica confronted Wanda and begged her not to let Hayward make her the villain, but Wanda had this chilling response.

    Monica saying, "Don't let him make you the villain" and Wanda responding, "Maybe I already am"

    16. When Agatha finally revealed herself to Wanda, and even without a lot of dialogue, Wanda's expressions were just so devastating.

    Agatha looking at Wanda

    17. When we saw a flashback of Wanda being experimented on using Loki's scepter/the Mind Stone.

    Flashes of blue and yellow after Wanda touches the Mind Stone

    18. When Wanda explained what her grief felt like to Vision during a flashback to their time at The Avengers compound.

    Wanda telling Vision that she feels like she's going to drown in her grief and Vision saying, "But what is grief, if not love persevering?"

    19. And then, when present-day Wanda watched the moment unfold and she started crying.

    Wanda weeping

    20. When Wanda walked through the doors at S.W.O.R.D. like a complete badass.

    21. When she spotted Vision's body being dismantled by Hayward's team.

    Wanda crying and saying, "Stop. Stop. Stop it! What are you doing to him? He's all I have"

    22. When Wanda couldn't feel Vision anymore and uttered this absolutely crushing line that mirrored conversations she had with Vision in Infinity War.

    23. When Wanda visited the property Vision had purchased and she just broke down in the empty lot.

    A heart on the property deed with a note from Vision saying, "To grow old in"

    24. When Agatha explained what the Darkhold says about the Scarlet Witch, and Wanda said she's not who Agatha thinks she is.

    Agatha telling Wanda that it's her destiny to destroy the world and Wanda saying that she's not a which and "I'm not what you say I am"

    25. When the Westview residents confronted Wanda and she was devastated after learning they could feel her grief.

    Wanda crying and screaming

    26. When she reunited with Vision, Billy, and Tommy after they almost disappeared, and you could just tell that she didn't want to let them go.

    Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy hugging and Wanda kissing their heads

    27. When Wanda tricked Agatha by casting runes and told Agatha that she knows exactly who she is.

    Wanda telling Agatha, "But I don't need you to tell me who I am"

    28. When Wanda transformed into her Scarlet Witch outfit for the first time, which was a moment that was literally years in the making.

    29. When Wanda heartbreakingly thanked Billy and Tommy for choosing her to be their mom.

    Wanda saying, "Boys... Thanks for choosing me to be your mom"

    30. When Wanda explained to Vision how he was created and that he was a part of her.

    Wanda telling Vision, "You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you're my love"

    31. And finally, when Wanda told Vision that they would say hello again.

    Wanda telling Vision that they will say hello again, and Vision saying, "So long, darling" before disappearing

    Which of these Wanda moments was your favorite? Thinking of another moment? Tell us everything in the comments below!