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    23 Brie Larson Moments For Anyone Who's Now Obsessed With Her

    "I feel like my whole life has sort of accumulated to this moment."

    1. First, when Brie was officially announced as Captain Marvel and she was just so excited about it:

    YouTube / Via

    2. When she was interviewed by an adorable fan and told her that she absolutely has a superpower:

    The Female Lead / Twitter / Via Twitter: @the_female_lead

    3. When she surprised fans at a screening and rocked this incredible Captain Marvel tracksuit:

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

    4. When Brie freakin' pushed a Jeep while training:

    5. When she talked about how everything she's done has led her to taking the role of Captain Marvel:

    Cineplex / Via Twitter: @CineplexMovies

    6. When she talked about how Carol and Maria's friendship is the love story at the heart of Captain Marvel:

    ABC / Via

    7. When she discussed the scene where Carol is told to smile and how it's an accurate depiction of every day life:

    YouTube / Yahoo / Via

    8. When Brie said that her female role model growing up was Sailor Moon:


    9. Also, when she was just the cutest while playing with puppies:


    10. When Brie encouraged everyone to get behind the camera and tell stories and said, "We need you. We can't change this industry without you":

    11. When she gave this speech about why diverse voices in the film industry matter:

    YouTube / Via

    12. When she rocked this Captain Marvel jacket because she was as excited as we were for the movie:

    13. When she showed us what her first take of doing a superhero face looked like and it was hilarious:

    ABC / Via

    14. When she was ready to go higher, further, faster while training with the Air Force:

    15. When she adorably toured Singapore with Gemma Chan:

    16. When she called Samuel L. Jackson her family and was happy to share this experience with him:

    ET / YouTube / Via

    17. When she had this reaction after learning that there's an Avengers group chat without her:

    BBC Radio 1 / Via

    18. When she got into an arm wrestling contest with her Room co-star, Jacob Tremblay:

    19. When Brie and Sam hilariously sang "Shallow" while promoting Captain Marvel:

    ITV / YouTube / Via

    20. Also, when Brie and Sam performed my new favorite version of "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande:

    CBS / Via

    21. When she knew the importance of a quality TBT pic:

    22. When she was equally confused and excited after spotting herself on a pineapple:

    She’s on PINEAPPLE is this Truman Show

    Twitter: @brielarson / Via Twitter: @brielarson

    23. And finally, when Brie got emotional when she talked about how important Captain Marvel is to young girls:

    ABC / Via

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