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    Brie Larson's Workout Regimen For "Captain Marvel" Looks Absolutely Epic

    Nothing but respect for my captain!!

    All right, so you know Brie Larson, yes? The Oscar-winning actress who starred in Room in 2015 and Captain Marvel herself??

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    ICYMI: Larson's starring in Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero film Captain Marvel, which hits theaters on March 8, 2019.

    As you may have guessed, playing the titular role of Captain Marvel is p. physically demanding, to say the least — with lots of stunts and wire work — and Brie's been documenting some of her intense training regimen on her Instagram, @brielarson.

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    And let me tell you, people, it is GOALS.

    First, let's look at these chin-ups!!!

    And here she is, exercise band in hand, giving us serious shoulder strength inspiration:

    NBD, here's an ab workout that'll just put yours and mine to shame forever...

    And some more, but with a 12-pound medicine ball thrown in, nbd!!!

    And of course, because she's Captain Marvel, normal push-ups just aren't enough:

    And it looks like our Captain's taking some cues from Thor with this sledgehammer technique, eh??

    And that's not all! She's also got her whole lunge game down pat...

    As well as those hip thrusts...

    Apparently, sometimes she mixes it up and just opts for some casual bouldering!!

    Plus some boxing:

    Here's our Cap'n on the flying trapeze:

    And here she is, arm-wrestling with some kid — sorry kid, but have you seen that forearm?? Are you SURE you wanna do this??

    So, in summary, Brie Larson has been getting very strong and powerful, and we are now somehow even MORE inspired and excited for her role in Captain Marvel!

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    Mark you cals, people!! March 8 is almost here.

    This post was translated from Japanese.