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    I Literally Can't Stop Crying Over These 21 Photos Of Kids Meeting Their TV And Movie Heroes

    "I don’t really have any superpowers." "That’s not true. I know you’ve got one."

    1. First, this adorable Captain Marvel superfan got the chance to meet Brie Larson at the premiere in London:

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    Brie was also interviewed by her and you can watch the video here!

    2. This Girl Scout troop from Oklahoma showed off their best Supergirl poses with Melissa Benoist:

    3. This cute Shuri fan told Ryan Coogler how much Black Panther meant to her:

    Epix / Via Twitter: @nostalgiaonfilm

    You can watch the full video here!

    4. This cute The Flash fan was emotional while meeting Grant Gustin on set:

    5. Meanwhile, this powerful kid beat Grant Gustin in a race:

    Instagram: @grantgustin / Via

    You can watch the full video here!

    6. This Black Panther fan had the chance to chat with T'Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman:

    7. An adorable Rose Tico cosplayer and Kelly Marie Tran got super emotional when they spotted each other on the red carpet:

    8. This little Wonder Woman was comforted by Gal Gadot when they met at Comic Con:

    Youtube / Variety / Via

    You can watch the full video here!

    9. This Carl Grimes cosplayer thanked Andrew Lincoln for all his work on The Walking Dead:

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    10. This Batman fan swung by Star City to meet his other hero, Stephen Amell:

    11. This adorable Felicity Smoak look-a-like told Emily Bett Rickards, "My brain is my superpower just like Felicity":

    Twitter: @jesileighs / Via

    12. These little Ghostbusters thanked Kristen Wiig for saving the city at the premiere of the movie:

    Eric Charbonneau / AP

    13. This Avengers superfan gave Chris Hemsworth some pointers on playing Thor:

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    14. Meanwhile, this Thor couldn't contain his excitement when he spotted Chris on the red carpet:

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    15. This Grey's Anatomy fan's dream came true when she was fitted for scrubs and got to meet Ellen Pompeo:

    Twitter: @GreysABC / Via Twitter: @GreysABC

    Here's the full video of Izzy's Make-A-Wish dream coming true!

    16. This Doctor Who fan was thrilled to show off her costume to the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker:

    YouTube / Via

    You can watch the full video of Anna meeting Jodie Whittaker here!

    17. This suited-up kid chatted about Captain America vs. Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr.:

    Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

    18. This Captain America fan showed off her Captain America bear to Chris Evans:

    Donald Bowers / Getty Images

    19. This Creed and Black Panther fan was excited to meet Michael B. Jordan:

    YouTube / Via

    You can watch the full video of Adonis meeting Michael here!

    20. These little fans got to meet their Wynonna Earp heroes Melanie Scorfano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley:

    Twitter: @only1leia / EHCon / Via Twitter: @only1leia

    21. And finally, after thinking Superman was actually dead, this fan was comforted by Jason Momoa:

    YouTube / Via

    You can watch the full video here!

    Have your kids met any of their celeb heroes? Show us in the comments below!

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