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    I Literally Can't Stop Crying Over These 21 Photos Of Kids Meeting Their TV And Movie Heroes

    "I don’t really have any superpowers." "That’s not true. I know you’ve got one."

    1. First, this adorable Captain Marvel superfan got the chance to meet Brie Larson at the premiere in London:

    2. This Girl Scout troop from Oklahoma showed off their best Supergirl poses with Melissa Benoist:

    3. This cute Shuri fan told Ryan Coogler how much Black Panther meant to her:

    4. This cute The Flash fan was emotional while meeting Grant Gustin on set:

    5. Meanwhile, this powerful kid beat Grant Gustin in a race:

    6. This Black Panther fan had the chance to chat with T'Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman:

    7. An adorable Rose Tico cosplayer and Kelly Marie Tran got super emotional when they spotted each other on the red carpet:

    8. This little Wonder Woman was comforted by Gal Gadot when they met at Comic Con:

    9. This Carl Grimes cosplayer thanked Andrew Lincoln for all his work on The Walking Dead:

    10. This Batman fan swung by Star City to meet his other hero, Stephen Amell:

    11. This adorable Felicity Smoak look-a-like told Emily Bett Rickards, "My brain is my superpower just like Felicity":

    12. These little Ghostbusters thanked Kristen Wiig for saving the city at the premiere of the movie:

    13. This Avengers superfan gave Chris Hemsworth some pointers on playing Thor:

    14. Meanwhile, this Thor couldn't contain his excitement when he spotted Chris on the red carpet:

    15. This Grey's Anatomy fan's dream came true when she was fitted for scrubs and got to meet Ellen Pompeo:

    16. This Doctor Who fan was thrilled to show off her costume to the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker:

    17. This suited-up kid chatted about Captain America vs. Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr.:

    18. This Captain America fan showed off her Captain America bear to Chris Evans:

    19. This Creed and Black Panther fan was excited to meet Michael B. Jordan:

    20. These little fans got to meet their Wynonna Earp heroes Melanie Scorfano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley:

    21. And finally, after thinking Superman was actually dead, this fan was comforted by Jason Momoa:

    Have your kids met any of their celeb heroes? Show us in the comments below!