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I'm Sure You Have 11 Million Things To Do, But Here Are 21 Quizzes To Take

Here are some of our fave Community quizzes of the week!

BuzzFeed Community is the home for amazing posts and quizzes created by BuzzFeeders like you — you can join our Community here. These are some of our favorite Community quizzes of the week!

1. We Know Which Zodiac Sign You'll Be Kissing At Midnight This New Year's Eve

2. Pick Out Some Numbers And We’ll Give You A Prediction For 2019

3. What % Christmas Spirit Are You?

4. We Know The Exact Day You'll Get Married Based On The Dream Life You Create

5. Let's See If You Can Find Your Way To New York City From The North Pole

6. Eat A Christmas Feast And We'll Give You A Christmas Movie To Watch

7. Which Christmas Song Matches Your Personality?

9. Every State Has A Most Googled Guilty Pleasure Of 2018 — Here's Yours

10. Which Sprouse Is Destined To Be Your Spouse?

11. Buy Some Holiday Pajamas And We'll Tell You Something That Will Happen To You In 2019

12. Can We Guess What Time You Like To Wake Up On Christmas Morning?

13. Buy A Bunch Of Christmas Sweaters And We'll Reveal What 2019 Has In Store For You

14. Which "SNL" Christmas Skit Should You Watch Based On Your Holiday Preferences?

15. Have You Been Impish Or Admirable This Year?

16. Are You More Like The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Or Max?

17. Everyone Has A Part Of A Snowman That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

18. Make Some Christmas Cookies And We'll Give You A Christmas Movie To Watch

19. Everyone's Personality Matches A Christmas Decoration — Here's Yours

20. Acing This Disney Trivia Quiz Will Be Impossible, But We'll Let You Try Anyway

21. And We Know What Your 2019 Love Life Will Look Like Based On How You Rate These 2018 Rom-Coms

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