Quench your thirst.

reredots98 • One day ago

Save the planet!

reredots98 • 3 days ago

Come on down, it's time to play!

reredots98 • 6 days ago

Yes, most of them are music videos. They're very captivating. The rules are as follows: select the video that got the most views in the given year. One video may be more popular now, but it did not get more views over the span of the year.

reredots98 • 7 days ago

Fun fact: Disney makes bank every year.

reredots98 • 9 days ago

Roses are red, violets are blue, I miss Titanic, and so do you.

reredots98 • 10 days ago

If you can't pass it the first time, you can always use recall to try again.

reredots98 • 12 days ago

🎶 "Trusssst in me." 🎶

reredots98 • 19 days ago

I'm sorry, you can't pick all of Evan Peters' characters.

reredots98 • 22 days ago

pls consider the results and maybe dress up accordingly

reredots98 • 23 days ago

We can't all get D.Va, so lower your standards.

reredots98 • 6 months ago

i still vote to rename the team to 'teen girl squad'

reredots98 • 6 months ago

carats only

reredots98 • 12 months ago

Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, or Todomatsu?

reredots98 • One year ago

Good luck getting your fave.

reredots98 • One year ago