Was "Christmas Party" better than "A Moroccan Christmas"

reredots98 • 13 hours ago

It's only two weeks away!

reredots98 • One day ago

Luckily, you don't have to travel from Persia, India, or Arabia to give it to him.

reredots98 • 2 days ago

Are you going to fall in love? Or fall apart?

reredots98 • 3 days ago

Have you even been paying attention to the radio?

reredots98 • 4 days ago

Don't you miss 2007?

reredots98 • 7 days ago

She asked me if I do this every day, I said often.

reredots98 • 11 days ago

De tu clóset al baile real.

reredots98 • 11 days ago

You may have already graduated, but did you deserve to?

reredots98 • 12 days ago

One of them is an XXXTENTACION song, but you'll never guess where.

reredots98 • 15 days ago

All of them are fashion royalty.

reredots98 • 16 days ago

This quiz is so insane...

reredots98 • 17 days ago

Are you as cuddly as a cactus? 🤔

reredots98 • 19 days ago

Fashionable on every level.

reredots98 • 21 days ago

Hey, panini head, are you listening to me? Take this quiz.

reredots98 • 24 days ago

We've got you with these deals.

reredots98 • 24 days ago

Quench your thirst.

reredots98 • 26 days ago

Save the planet!

reredots98 • 28 days ago

Come on down, it's time to play!

reredots98 • One month ago

Yes, most of them are music videos. They're very captivating. The rules are as follows: select the video that got the most views in the given year. One video may be more popular now, but it did not get more views over the span of the year.

reredots98 • One month ago