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We Drew 9 Disney Scenes According To Science And It's Horrifying

You can thank me later for ruining your childhood.

1. If mermaids were real then Ariel's nose would be on top of her head.

2. Aladdin and Jasmine's faces would burn off during their romantic magic carpet ride, according to the laws of physics.

3. Finding Nemo is really a story about incest.

4. Pinocchio's head would snap off after he told 13 lies.

5. Prince Naveen's transformation into a frog would cause a blast wave that would crush Tiana, according to E=mc2.

6. Geppetto from Pinocchio would be dismembered when he's swallowed by Monstro the whale.

7. Sleeping Beauty would be covered in scales.

8. Princess Elsa from Frozen is a killer.

9. In fact, The Lion King might be the most scientifically accurate Disney movie, despite being about talking animals.