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Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Just Went Instagram Official

The boyfriend has been hard launched!!!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are official! On social media, that is.

You probably know the story by now: Kim and Pete were first linked shortly after her SNL hosting gig, but the two have kept things fairly nudge-nudge-wink-wink on the public front — like Pete referring to his "girlfriend" and Kim saying that he won't be on her new Hulu show.

Well, speculate no more! Kim posted a series of pics onto her Instagram...


Lest you have any doubt over whose chin that is, Kim followed it up with a clearer selfie:

The images were captioned with, "Whose car are we gonna take?" — a reference to the 2010 movie The Town.

Twitter: @KimKardashian

And based on the outfits, it's likely that these pics were taken a month ago when the couple went to dinner in Brooklyn.

Kim's sister, Khloé, also hopped in the comments to voice her support:

This comes a little over a week after Kim was declared legally single in court amid her divorce from Kanye West — meaning that, for one, Kim's birth name (i.e. no "West") has been restored.

Anyway, here's hoping we see Pete popping up in some matching Balenciaga bodysuits on IG soon...