Chris Evans Is Adorably Embarrassed That He Named His Dog After A Cartoon

    "Probably one of the purest relationships I have."

    You know Chris Evans — Captain America, certifiable hottie.

    Chris on the red carpet for a premiere of his film Knives Out

    You also might know Chris Evans' dog, Dodger — hell, 34% of his Instagram pictures feature him.

    Well, Chris went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the origins of Dodger's name — and, obviously, it is incredibly wholesome.

    Jimmy and Chris

    "It's a far more embarrassing story that I now get to explain every time someone asks me," he began. "There's a movie called Oliver & Company, it's a Disney movie, an animated movie, that I grew up watching."

    "When I first saw him in the shelter, I just said, 'Oh man, that looks like Dodger from Oliver & Company," he continued. "After I decided I was taking him home with me, I went through the process of thinking of other names, and I just couldn't get off Dodger. So, I said, 'I'm not going to overthink this one.'"

    Just in case you haven't seen the 1988 movie Oliver & Company, this is Dodger's namesake:

    Which, I mean...I see it:

    Side-by-side comparison of the two Dodgers

    Chris also spoke about the decision to get Dodger's name tattooed on his chest pretty shortly after getting the pup. "That's probably one of the purest relationships I have. It didn't take much convincing. I'll never regret that tattoo. I've regretted a few in my life, but never that one."

    Am I...jealous...of a dog? BRB, questioning everything.