Aubrey Plaza Revealed That She Wished Her Character Had A Different Ending

    "I wanted it very badly."

    🚨 Huge spoilers for "Happiest Season" ahead. 🚨

    If you've seen Happiest Season, you might have some ~opinions~ on the way the movie ends.

    Namely that Abby (played by Kristen Stewart) and Harper (played by Mackenzie Davis) end up together...

    ...instead of Abby and Riley.

    Seriously, the internet was aflame!

    Me watching Abby stay with Harper when Riley was right there... #HappiestSeason #KristenStewart

    Well, it looks like Aubrey Plaza — aka Riley — has seen the fans who wanted Abby and Riley to end up together.

    “Look, I wanted it too, okay? I’m not gonna lie. I wanted it too. I wanted it very badly,” she told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

    “But I didn’t write the thing and I didn’t direct the thing. I showed up, did my job, and got out of there. There are some things you just don’t have control over," she continued.

    "I’m not giving up hope for Riley. I think she’s got a bright future ahead.”

    As for the person who did write and direct the thing, Clea DuVall recently told Elle, "Aubrey Plaza is amazing. She’s such a babe. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to see more of her, but I think the debate is less about the film and more about your philosophy on forgiveness and growth."

    In short, more of Aubrey Plaza in everything, plz.