21 Tweets And Tumblr Posts About Aubrey Plaza In "Happiest Season" That Are Just Flawless

    I'm over here shipping the couple that doesn't end up together, and I blame Aubrey Plaza.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Happiest Season!🚨

    Happiest Season has officially started streaming on Hulu, and it's honestly amazing to finally have a holiday-themed LGBTQ rom-com.

    Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart as Harper and Abby in Happiest Season

    And while I enjoyed everything about the movie — I mean, Clea DuVall and Mary Holland wrote a hilarious script and the cast is iconic — I can't stop thinking about how much I loved Aubrey Plaza and her performance as Riley.

    I was REALLY unprepared for the Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza of it all in Happiest Season and I haven't fully recovered #HappiestSeason

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    I mean, Riley isn't in that much of the movie, but every scene Aubrey's in, she completely steals.

    Also, the chemistry between Aubrey and Kristen Stewart was next level and had me (and so many others) wondering if Abby should've ended up with Riley and not Harper.

    Riley saying, "Yeah, so, the thing I can relate to is just being in love with somebody that is...too afraid to show the world who they are"

    And I'm wondering who will join me in starting a petition for a Happiest Season spinoff movie where Riley gets to find love.

    Basically, like me, the rest of the internet can't stop talking about Aubrey Plaza, Riley, and Riley and Abby's chemistry. Here are some of the best reactions:


    I came to #HappiestSeason for Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis and I STAYED for Aubrey Plaza. 😍😍

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    no thoughts just aubrey plaza in happiest season (2020)

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    if aubrey plaza looked at me like that i would simply combust

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    the only unrealistic thing about happiest season is riley not having a gf while lookin like that

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    thinking about the fact that no one is more disappointed that aubrey plaza didn’t end up with kristen stewart more than aubrey plaza herself

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    women don’t want men, women want aubrey plaza and kristen stewart in the suits they wore in the finale of #HappiestSeason

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    can someone cut together all of the abby/ riley scenes because this is a romcom all on it’s own

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    “break up with her for aubrey plaza” i shouted at my screen like 30 times

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    I obviously loved #HappiestSeason, but I will go to my grave believing Abby and Riley should've been the endgame.

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    what is joe biden’s plan to have abby and riley be together in happiest season

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    you don’t understand how badly i want anna kendrick to be aubrey plaza’s love interest on the happiest season’s sequel (manifesting it) 🤞🏻

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    a happiest season sequel where riley falls in love at harper and abbys wedding

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