So, Uh, Why Do Robots Need Boobs?

    A deep dive.

    OK, we all know what boobs are.

    The primary function of boobs is to feed babies!

    So, why do robots, which are not mammals and have no capacity to birth or rear young, have them?

    You can tell that they're not designed to feed young because they don't have nipples.

    Furthermore, they're metal.

    And even if they were functional, then wouldn't they just rust upon lactation?

    What practical use could these spherical metal lumps serve?

    If anything, the genius engineers who made these robots should have realised that boobs would be detrimental to the design.

    Like, if we're being honest, they're really not the most practical weapons.

    Surely the added weight of the boobs would mean a drastically less efficient machine?

    And the manufacturing costs of adding metal lumps to the robot would significantly outweigh the manufacturer’s lust for boobs, making it economically inefficient too.

    Are they just there so that people can tell the difference between the "male" and "female" computers?

    Okay, so lets presume the boobs are needed: That still doesn't explain why they're so big.

    If it's realism they're going for, then why are the boobs so symmetrical? Where are the bumps, stretch marks, and discolouration?

    In fact, if it's so that the androids fit into society, then why make them so damn exceptionally beautiful?

    Although, clearly, it isn't always about ~realism~.

    Or could it be that it's purely aesthetic, for all the horny men watching the film?

    Because god forbid a TV show or film should have a genderless and unsexualised robot in it!