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    12 Movies To Watch After You've Seen "Free Guy"

    In the mood for more Free Guy?

    Free Guy is the new big hit in cinemas. People are loving it for its story, the acting of its lead actors, the comedy, and the tons of Easter eggs.

    Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

    If you enjoyed Free Guy, you'll probably want to check out these similar movies as well:

    1. The Truman Show

    A man and a woman talk to each other

    2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    3 men and a woman standing in a forest.

    3. Wreck-It Ralph

    Two animated characters

    4. The Matrix Trilogy

    A man and a woman both dressed in black

    5. Ghost in the Shell

    An animated character sitting

    6. Blade Runner

    A man looking at something

    7. Being There

    A man in the garden

    8. Last Action Hero

    A man pointing a gun

    9. Detective Pikachu

    A man and a pokemon

    10. The Lego Movie

    A Lego figure jumping

    11. Ready Player One

    A female and male avatars

    12. They Live

    Pic 1: Some men handling gun. Pic 2: A man wearing sunglasses

    What other movies do you think are like Free Guy? Let us know in the comments.