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    People Are Roasting The Hell Out Of Grimes' New "Alien Scars" Tattoo

    "Grimes' new tattoo looks like the shower wall art you make with your hair."

    You know Grimes — singer, artist, partner to Elon Musk, and mom to their son, X AE A-XII.

    Dia Dipasupil / WireImage / Getty Images

    Well, you've probably heard by now about her new tattoo that's taken the internet by storm.

    If not, here's a quick refresh: The 33-year-old covered her back in a very, ahem, interesting white ink tat that is apparently supposed to be "beautiful alien scars."

    There were a few people who liked her tattoo...

    ...and thought it was "amazing"...

    i think the new grimes tattoo is absolutely amazing and beautiful idk what y’all are on abt

    Twitter: @oomfsucks

    ...and gorgeous:

    @PopCrave her tattoo is gorgeous

    Twitter: @9aa4h

    But most people just made fun of it. So here are some of the funniest jokes:

    1. A couple people thought it looked like a rash...

    No offence but why does Grimes’ tattoo look like shiitake mushroom rash?

    Twitter: @mariaadimii

    2. ...okay, more than a couple people!:

    cant believe grimes got a tattoo of a hookworm rash

    Twitter: @djinndiesel

    3. Some thought the tattoo resembles shower art:

    grime's new tattoo looks like the shower wall art you make with your hair

    Twitter: @ninjaliyah

    4. Others thought it looked like a child's scribbles:

    @PopCrave Looks like she gave a kid a pen and told them to write

    Twitter: @sad_beautiful_

    5. This person said they found the inspiration for the tat:

    this was what grimes based her back tattoos on

    Twitter: @grantspanier

    6. This superhero enthusiast shared a new fan theory:

    Grimes got the anti-life equation tattooed on her back

    Twitter: @jessika7979

    7. This person joked it was actually a jellyfish mishap:

    @jessika7979 Is that a tattoo or a jellyfish attack

    Twitter: @zqngrandprix

    8. This person gave us the perfect meme to describe the situation:

    Twitter: @jassca36

    9. Some thought it looked like she slept on shoelaces:

    @jessika7979 She could have just slept on some shoelaces instead

    Twitter: @69hartwick69

    10. Others thought it resembled Silly String:

    Justice for Grimes’ alien silly string tattoo

    Twitter: @cannedbrains

    11. This dude made a joke about how the tattoo artist created it:

    Twitter: @Irrefutablematt

    12. This person thought the tat looked like the end of a good date night:

    grimes new tattoo just looks like my back after going home with my date i just met that night

    Twitter: @DagothUrine

    13. This woman suspected Grimes had a particular request when entering the tattoo shop:

    So apparently Grimes went into the tattoo shop and asked for the tapeworm tattoo

    Twitter: @historygirl1020

    14. And finally, this person joked that the tat would be better if it was "authentic":

    Grime’s back tattoo would be cooler if it was authentic but she is a coward who won’t just let an alien do it (something we know she has access to)

    Twitter: @JUDGECUM

    Well, as long as Grimes loves it, I think that's all that matters! What are your thoughts on her alien scars tattoo? LMK in the comments below!

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