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16 X-Rated "Black Panther" Tweets About M'Baku That Will Make You Say "Same"

Is anyone else M'Baku moist?

Okay, I'm going to be honest. I went into Black Panther thinking I'd be lusting after my forever bae, Michael B. Jordan, and Michael B. Jordan alone.

Marvel Studios

BUT babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I WAS SO WRONG!!! First of all, the majority of the cast looks like it was dipped in hot chocolate (emphasis on hot).

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Hell, even the director, Ryan Coogler, is FINE!!!

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

BUT what I wasn't prepared for was the 6'5" Tobagonian man who made me want to throw my bra at the screen. I'm talking about the one and only Winston Duke, who played M'Baku.

Marvel Studios

From his ferocious gorilla bark to those luscious lips, I was mesmerized.

And although it was his character that caught my attention...

...he's just as tempting to look at off the screen.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Like, seriously, how is he real?

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

I took to Twitter see if other people were having these thoughts, and it turns out, they are! Here are some of the thirstiest and most X-rated tweets about M'Baku:


I just... look how tall he is in that door way 😭😭😭😭 I need his dick on my forehead

Twitter: @KLCHII

*Look at her Twitter handle*


Twitter: @Jali_Heir



Has an appropriate amount of time passed since #BlackPanther to talk about how beautiful @Winston_Duke is? #MBaku

Twitter: @AshleyVRobinson



When I make it to heaven and God confronts me about my reaction to MBaku #BlackPanther...

Twitter: @Notorious_MAX


Me becoming a vegetarian, because M’Baku is the only meat I need #BlackPanther #Mbaku

Twitter: @k_lovin_


Twitter: @crystiffany




When #MBaku was sitting up on his throne telling that colonizer he could not speak

Twitter: @realdealcwill


Me sneaking up the Jabari mountain to Mbaku’s room

Twitter: @dxniro


trynna get mbackshots from mbaku, tchalla tchoke me, and killmonger to killmywalls

Twitter: @milanrougee




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