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Mindy Kaling Sparked A Conversation On Twitter About White TV Siblings With Creepy Sexual Tension, And Now My Eyes Are Burning

I'll never get over THAT dinner table scene in Netflix's Elite.

On Monday, Mindy Kaling took to Twitter to point out a common theme she's noticed amongst TV siblings, specifically white brothers and sisters.

A closeup of Mindy smiling on the red carpet

The multi-faceted actor and writer pointed out how "flirty" these characters tend to act towards each other, and tons of people immediately agreed.

With white families on tv, the brothers and sisters are always, like flirty with each other

Twitter: @mindykaling

In fact, fans even provided examples to back up Mindy's claim. Here are just some of the borderline incestuous TV siblings that have graced our screens throughout the years:

1. Casey and Derek from Life with Derek were one of the most popular examples...

this show would’ve caused permanent psychological damage if Disney didn’t cancel it when it did

Family Channel
derek and casey in the living room

2. ...followed by Ross and Monica from Friends:

monica was too grown to be sitting on ross’ lap all the damn time

Twitter: @oocsitcoms
ross giving monica a forehead kiss

3. Callie and Brandon from The Fosters:

Callie was technically their foster child but it was still weird b/c even when they finally adopted her, she & the bio son were still hella flirty

Vu Ong/Freeform via Getty Images / Twitter: @ShineOnShana
callie kissing brandon

4. Lu and Valerio from Elite:

it was bad it was really bad

Netflix / Twitter: @kordeivision
lu and valerio near kissing by the pool

5. Shiv and Roman from Succession:

HBO / Twitter: @femaIehysterias
shiv and roman sitting next to each on a yacht

6. Cher and Josh from Clueless:

So I was going to post this because no one had but in the course of looking for photos I realized that Clueless stills prove there really was a time when Paul Rudd actually looked younger than his eternal age

josh and cher at the movies

7. Sam and Dean from Supernatural:

Who tf says this to their sibling? 😭

The CW / Twitter: @spnentropy
sam and dean wearing FBI jackets

8. Elena and Jeremy from The Vampire Diaries:

*cough* Elena & Jeremy *cough*

The CW / Twitter: @marelizmiller
elena and jeremy in the living room

That conversation eventually led fans to point out the blatantly incestuous siblings on TV:

9. Lucrezia and Cesare from The Borgias:

Twitter: @strxnglemehugo
Lucrezia and Cesare getting physical on the grass

10. Fiona and Declan from Degrassi: The Next Generation:

sorry i had to say it

CTV / Twitter: @mentallyilljew
fiona and declan kissing

11. And, of course, Cersei and Jaime from Game of Thrones:

HBO / Twitter: @boapropos
Cersei and Jaime sharing a passionate hug

Is there a flirtatious sibling duo that was left off this list? Tell us who they are in the comments below!