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Halsey Responded To Those John Mayer Romance Rumors On Twitter

Nipping the rumors right in the bud.

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If you've been paying attention to pop culture news this week, then you probably noticed a bunch of news outlets speculating Halsey and John Mayer were involved in a "secret romance."

And even though we put out an article about them just being friends, sometimes it's better to hear it from the celebrity's mouth.

On Wednesday, Halsey took to Twitter to address the rumors head on. Here's what she had to say:

She made a damn good point. Because believe it or not, platonic friendships actually DO exist between men and women around the world.


The "Without Me" singer even called out the source that inspired the tweet:

ur platform literally put out the article this tweet is about..... am I being punk’d rn????????!!!!!!

And her fans were quick to rally behind the tweet, like this person who used an Ariana Grande quote to support her statement.

Or Twitter user Tanya Nguyen, who basically believes everyone should just mind their business when it comes to personal relationships (sexual or not).

So we'll say it one last time for the people in the back, THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS!

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