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Here's What's Really Goin' Down Between John Mayer And Halsey On Instagram

"Can you text me?"

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John Mayer. You know him as a great singer, songwriter, etc. You also probably know him as a ladies' man (do people still use that term???):

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AKA he definitely has been known to flirt. And there's one person it seems like he's been trying to talk to on Instagram lately:

Yep, Halsey. Just last month, he commented on her Insta, saying his "like" is the "like of a gentleman."

And he was back at it again on Monday. Halsey posted this Insta, promoting her YSL Beauty mascara.

You wouldn't think this would be the place to leave a thirsty comment, but John definitely did. Here's what he said.

"Can you text me? Thanks."

ESPN I did some more digging, I realized that they're probably just friends. Like, look at how she responded to his comment — very platonically.

And Halsey even wished him HBD in the most friend-ish way:'s John adorably wishing her HBD at her show. He even says, "I love your big, beautiful brain." He would never use the L word so early to someone he actually wanted to pursue romantically.

One more thing. Back in 2017 they had this not-sexual-at-all gum debate:

@halsey I don’t condemn you, I only seek to understand you.

So yeah, I know it may seem like they might want each other, but I truly think it's just flirty, we're-both-famous-and-hot commenting.



ME on photoshop

But can you imagine the BOPPPPPPPS she and John would make?!

Comedy Central

Well, they still can — dating or not. So, let's get on that, you two.

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