Luke, I Am Your Mustache

Designer Jacob Engberg has a wonderful series of prints called Movies Made for the Mustache, wherein he swaps out words from famous film quotes with mustache icons. "I love the smell of mustache in the morning" isn't just a quotable line from "Apocalypse Now," it's what I chant to myself every day whilst waxing my handlebars. You can buy these prints here!

Gavon Laessig • 7 years ago

Orange County Residents Terrorize Local Muslims

Tea Party demonstrators in Yorba Linda attempted to intimidate area Muslim Americans in a disgusting display of hatred and intolerance outside an ICNA Fundraiser on Wednesday. Protesters can be heard shouting "Go home terrorist," "Muhammad is a child molester," "Go home and beat your wife, she needs a good beating" and more.

Chris Menning • 7 years ago

Westboro Down

The ongoing publicity stunt-off between the Westboro Baptist Church and everybody's favorite self-righteous hackers, Anonymous, has culminated the way these things always culminate - in a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. Long story short, the WBC's site is down. A "Patriot hacker" named Jester has taken credit. Isn't the Internet fun?

Jack Shepherd • 7 years ago

Harry Potter Stars Then and Now

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) wasn't the only actor in the Harry Potter movies to get hot! My, they grow up so quickly!

Ashley Baccam • 7 years ago