This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays

Teens are really into promposals. Also Chick-fil-A.

I didn’t know until now, but asking people to prom is a really big thing. Teens are super into it, especially in the South. From looking at the #promposal tag on Instagram I came to the conclusion that teens who do promposals are really into:

1. Chick-fil-A
2. The movies Up, Frozen, and Despicable Me
3. Starbucks
4. Nike running shoes
5. Candy, in general
6. And painting on horses

With that, here’s a compilation of my research + photographic evidence:

1. Teens are asking people to prom by rearranging their apps:

2. Giving each other pairs of Nikes:

3. Obviously the use of Frappuccinos is popular:

4. And so is the use of balloons:

5. They’re using chicken wings:

Don't be afraid to wing it

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

6. Baseballs and Oreos:

simple yet adorable ⚾️⚾️

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

7. More Frappuccinos:

8. Old dirty trucks:

Gotta love country boys ❤️

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

9. And chicken nuggets. “You can never pass up a Chick-fil-A promposal”:

You never can pass up a Chick Fil A promposal

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

10. They’re using plane rides over San Francisco:

This guy really went all out. Why can't somebody do something this awesome for me?!

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

11. Phone pranks:

Teacher took her phone in class and "yelled at her" but really just changed his name to PROM??? How awesome

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

12. Porch pranks:

It's the little things...

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

13. And they’re giving each other LIVING, BREATHING PUPPIES NAMED “PROM”:

Omg! I'll go to prom with you AND buy your dinner if you get me a puppy this cute. I literally can't

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

14. They’re getting spray tans:

Get a spray tan to ask me so I know it's real

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

15. Making posters:

Someone ask me to prom like this...

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

16. Taking bong rips:

Bong rips for prom!

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

17. And getting dolphins involved:

A dolphin #promposal. How adorable

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

18. They’re making pepperoni pizza:

Adorable dinner date idea

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

19. Dressing up as homeless people:

Don't be afraid to bum it this year

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

20. Changing their Twitter names:

21. Taking over car dealerships:

22. Re-creating the movie Up:

23. Having police officers pull their date over and give them fake tickets:

24. For real, this is a thing:

25. They’re writing on horses:


27. Again, for real, this is a thing:

28. Using more Chick-fil-A:

29. Twerking:

30. To sum everything up:

I love this

— Prom? (@Promldeas)

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