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Justin Timberlake Went Viral For An Extremely Cringey Dance, And Now He's Issued An Apology For It

At least he apologized!

Justin Timberlake made a rare live concert appearance last week at the Something in the Water Music Festival.

Shannon Finney / WireImage / Getty Images

He came out during Pharrell's set and performed a song or two.

Paul Morigi / Getty Images

But I bet he wishes he didn't.


A clip of Justin dancing has gone very viral for, well, you be the judge:

DC! BEAT YOUR FEET! Did Justin Timberlake get off at @sitw ? 😂🔥 @jtimberlake

@BigBroGrandPhi/ Twitter: @DmvMusicPlug / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

Almost immediately, people online went IN.

help what did I just watch

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @vertifiedmess / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

People compared it to the hacky sack scene in She's All That.

Why does he move like the hackey sack scene in She’s All That?

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @SkipUndercover Miramax / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

They said it reminded them of the iconic Ashlee Simpson SNL jig.

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @cherrylimenerd / NBC / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

And this person wondered if it was a Macy's ad — which, like, valid!

Is this a Macy’s ad?

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @alloutoffavors / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

From comparisons to drunk dads at BBQs...

It’s like someone’s drunk dad at a BBQ 🫢

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @ChamaMayaMB / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi comparisons to river dancing.

Why he up there river dancing??

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @CordCastle / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

This person said he belonged on Glee.

somebody said Mr. Schuster

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @alittleantifa / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

So yeah, they kind of went in.

Doin this dressed for a PTA meeting is bold.

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @ispeakfacts0nly / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

I personally like this edit with squeaking sneaker sounds.

@DmvMusicPlug @sitw @jtimberlake Had to add the squeaking sound 😂

@BigBroGrandPhi/Twitter: @joe_harding_ / Via Twitter: @BigBroGrandPhi

It obviously became its own thing on TikTok.

And Justin Timberlake eventually caught wind of it all and issued an apology to the city of Washington, DC.

Justin says he’s going to make it up to us (DC) for his technical errors when beating his feet at SITW 😊

@justintimberlake/Twitter: @WashProbs

"Hey DC, I want to apologize to you for two reasons," he jokingly said.

@justintimberlake/Instagram: @justintimberlake

"Here and here (he points the camera to his feet). I had a long talk with both of them individually and said 'don't you ever do that to me again.'"

@justintimberlake/Instagram: @justintimberlake

"Maybe it was the khakis? It was a real khaki vibe."

@justintimberlake/Instagram: @justintimberlake

"I'm gonna make this up to you. I'm gonna focus on these two guys right here and get it right!"

@justintimberlake/Instagram: @justintimberlake

Ultimately, we'll see if people accept his apology.


FWIW, the mayor of DC saw JT's apology and is considering pardoning JT for the act:

Should I consider a mayoral pardon of @jtimberlake? And then for his shot at redemption, we would need @Pharrell to bring #SITWFest back

@justintimberlake/ Twitter: @MurielBowser
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So, should Justin be pardoned for his dancing?
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