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12 Houses That Will Get You Through A Zombie Apocalypse

So, if you haven't heard, some guy ate another guy's face off and we're on the verge of a zombie apocalypse. Luckily, there are shelters around the world that will protect you. Buy them before it's too late.

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1. “The Safe House” designed by KWK Promes

The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge. Seems like the perfect opportunity to use a flamethrower and defend the life of your family, while stylishly nesting in a piece of architectural elitism.

2. Bjork's (almost) house

This house is located on an island called Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The house was given Bjork from her Iceland as a “Thank You” for putting Iceland on the international map. Bjork never accepted the gift because of public outrage.


4. The Cold War Adirondack Park Missile Silo House

Situated deep within the Adirondack State Park in Upstate New York, this cabin was built atop a cold-war era missile silo and is currently on the market for only $1.75 million dollars.


The above-ground home is 2,000 square feet. But if you use the keypad entry to the basement, you’ll find 2,300 more square feet that was a former launch control center and has been converted with dining and entertainment space and two bedroom suites – complete with marble bathrooms. It has 10-foot tall ceilings, simulated daylight and an open floor plan.


5. Summit Shock Incarceration Facility

Summit Shock Incarceration is a 37-building former state correctional facility that is located on approximately 18 acres of land in the heart of rural Schoharie County. Summit Shock is approximately 56 miles from Albany.

Amenities include:

-Onsite water distribution system, including two drilled wells, chlorination and water-softening system, and 100,000 gallon elevated water tank;

-Underground sanitary sewer piping;

-Underground storm water system;

-600 KW emergency back-up power generator;

Permitted wastewater treatment plant; and

-Ten petroleum bulk storage tanks.

Summit Shock opened in 1961 as a minimum-security forestry and conservation camp. The property adjoins nearby state forest land, including the Mallet Pond State Forest and Burnt-Rossman Hills State Forest. State lands are open to the public for hunting, trapping, fishing and other recreational purposes.


6. Stefano Boeri’s Urban Vertical Forest

Milan-based architecture studio Stefano Boeri‘s Vertical Forest is a residential building duo named Bosco Verticale that can be seen in construction in the metropolitan center of Milan, Italy. This exciting green residential project was meant for growing forests in the sky and allowing residents and neighbors to enjoy fresh outdoor air.


Amenities include:

• 14.5 acres (more or less)

• 3 underground missile magazines each consisting of 5000 sq ft

• One missile magazine converted to residential:

--- Kitchen, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, exercise room, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi tub

• Second missile magazine converted into shop & garage space

• Single phase electric & city water

• High security chain-link fence topped with barbed wire

• Paved access, with remote control rolling front gate

• Horse barn with 4 stables

There's a pool!


11. The Ark Two Facility

The Ark Two Community in Canada has a 10,000 sq/ft nuclear shelter as part of its refuge facility. This may be the largest Privately Constructed nuclear fallout shelter in the world. 42 buses were used as forms to pour a minimum of 12 inches of high strength concrete that was heavily reinforced with rebar.


Other rooms include:

Surgery (as yet still unequipped)

The Laundry room

The Silent Library (books are in offsite storage)

The Conference Room

The Tool Room

The Chapel

The Exercise Areas

A Privacy Room

The Nursery and its Cry Room