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Here Are 14 BTS Facts About Some Of The Most Memorable Looks Worn To The Oscars...Ever

The color of the dress Lupita Nyong'o won her Oscar in reminded her of her hometown.

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The Oscars are almost here! On March 10, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will hold the 96th Academy Awards, capping off this year's awards season. The event is always star-studded, and the red carpet is hallowed ground in Hollywood. So, ahead of film's biggest day of the year, here are 14 facts about some of the most memorable Oscars looks over the years:

1. Cher didn't get a Best Actress nomination at the 1986 Oscars for her role in Mask. So when asked to present at the show, she decided to attend in an attention-getting Bob Mackie look.

Person in extravagant black outfit with headdress next to an Oscar statue

2. The negative reaction to Whoopi Goldberg's green and purple dress at the 1993 Oscars "hurt" her feelings.

Whoopi Goldberg at the Oscars
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3. Gwyneth Paltrow wore Harry Winston earrings and a necklace while winning Best Actress for Shakespeare in Love in 1999. She re-wore the jewelry at her 2018 wedding to Brad Falchuk.

Actress in a pink dress giving an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony with a trophy in hand

4. Celine Dion has no regrets about wearing a John Galliano tuxedo backwards to the 1999 Oscars.

5. Julia Roberts said Mariah Carey bought the bracelet she wore to the 2001 Oscars, where she won Best Actress for Erin Brockovich.

Julia Roberts in a black dress holding an Oscar trophy at an awards event

6. At the 2001 Oscars, Björk laid an egg on the red carpet while wearing a Marjan Pejoski swan dress.

Bjork at the Oscars wearing her famous swan dress with a beak-shaped bodice

7. In 2002, Halle Berry made history as the first Black woman to win Best Actress, which she did for her performance in Monster's Ball. The iconic Elie Saab gown is currently on display at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles.

Person in an embroidered top and satin skirt holding a trophy, standing by flowers

8. Angelina Jolie wore the headline-making Versace dress with a thigh-high slit to the 2012 Oscars because it was "comfortable."

Angelina Jolie at an event in a black gown with a high slit, posing for photographers

9. At the 2014 Oscars, Lupita Nyong'o won Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years a Slave. She opted to wear a blue Prada dress to the ceremony, in part, because the color reminded her of her hometown.

Lupita Nyong'o holding an Oscar, wearing a plunging V-neck light blue gown with a flowing skirt, standing beside a golden statue

10. Cate Blanchett wore an altered version of her 2015 Maison Margiela Oscars gown to the 2023 BAFTAs.

11. Billy Porter wore a ball gown to the 2019 Oscars, in part, as an act of "political art."

Closeup of Billy Porter

12. Natalie Portman's 2020 Oscars dress featured the last names of women who directed celebrated films that year, in response to only men being nominated for Best Director at the ceremony.

Natalie Portman in a black and gold gown with embroidered detail, standing with a hand on her hip

13. Joaquin Phoenix wore the same Stella McCartney suit throughout the 2020 awards season, including to the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

14. Finally, Ana de Armas's 2023 Louis Vuitton Oscars dress took over 1,000 hours to make.

Ana de Armas at the Oscars

Did any of these facts surprise you? Tell us in the comments below, as well as which of these looks is your favorite!

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