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    Sep 22, 2016

    18 Child Stars Who Might Look Nothing Like You Remember Them

    Kids grow up. Aging is real. People get hot!

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    1. Bruce from Matilda then:

    TriStar Pictures

    He was literally forced to consume mad chocolate cake, which, TBH, looked good but also painful because you shouldn't eat a whole cake.

    Bruce from Matilda now:

    If he was covered in chocolate cake...I would prolly eat it off of him.

    2. Beans from Even Stevens then:


    He had that weird thing for bacon, IDK.

    Beans from Even Stevens now:

    Twitter: @NRT_32

    He apparently works as one of Santa's helpers in a mall.

    3. The kid from iCarly then:


    He used a Pear computer.

    The kid from iCarly now:

    Twitter: @OhioGaysian

    He should do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge every day. LIKE. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    4. Matt from Lizzie McGuire then:

    Disney Channel

    He was really into fucking things up for Lizzie.

    Matt from Lizzie McGuire now:

    He's really into amateur photography and, based on this pic, probably LaCroix sparkling water.

    5. Zack from Saved by the Bell then:


    He was that blonde twink.

    Zack from Saved by the Bell now:

    Instagram: @

    He is that dad, literally and figuratively.

    6. Nicky and Alex from Full House then:


    They were the other twins.

    Nicky and Alex from Full House now:

    Twitter: @DC_Wilhoit / Via Twitter: @BlakeTW

    They're those guys who post super-filtered Instagram selfies from inside their cars.

    7. Jonathan Lipnicki then:

    TriStar PIctures

    He was that funny-looking kid.

    Jonathan Lipnicki now:

    He's your Facebook friend who is really into CrossFit (probably).

    8. Buzz from Home Alone then:

    20th Century Fox

    His girlfriend, woof!

    Buzz from Home Alone now:

    Times Square, bb!

    9. The kid from the '90s Brady Bunch movie then:


    The second-youngest Brady who got outshone by shade-throwing Marcia.

    The kid from the '90s Brady Bunch movie now:

    Is now positively HOT in a far-out way!

    10. The kid from Zoey 101 then:


    He was a literal child.

    The kid from Zoey 101 now:

    He's like in his twenties.

    11. The other kid from Zoey 101 then:


    He had that haircut EVERY kid in ninth grade had.

    The other kid from Zoey 101 now:

    He GREW. UP. Damn.

    12. Shane West then:

    Sad teen.

    Shane West now:

    Instagram: @theshanewest

    Redneck chic.

    13. Ashley Parker Angel then:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Frosted tips.

    Ashley Parker Angel now:

    He still has the frosted tips, but now he's a professional Instagram thot.

    14. Freddie Prinze Jr. then:

    George De Sota / Getty Images


    Freddie Prinze Jr. now:

    Twitter: @RealFPJr

    Hotter (because more dad).

    15. Bow Wow then:

    Kevin Winter / Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

    That vest.

    Bow Wow now:

    This weird overly thoughtful partly shirtless selfie in front of a window.

    16. The kid from Jurassic Park then:


    He was just a wee ging.

    The kid from Jurassic Park now:

    Dave Mangels / Getty Images

    Still a ging but now hot.

    17. Aaron Carter then:

    Chris Weeks / Getty Images

    That choker.

    18. Craig Lamar Traylor then:


    He could never breathe.

    Craig Lamar Traylor now:

    Twitter: @CraigLTraylor

    He's probably really good at breathing because he looks zen as hell.

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