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Top 75 Most Iconic Things Britney Spears Did In 2015

What a time to be alive!

75. That time she was able to take a picture of herself sleeping because she is God.

74. That time she forgot how to age.

73. That time she posted this picture with the caption "Mystical teachings" and we were like what?

72. All of the times she randomly flipped off the audience.

71. When she posted this picture of two little kids dressed in THE denim outfits therefore reigniting our lust for Justney.

70. When she encouraged everyone to seek out dentistry.

69. The time she gave a random Australian TV interview and the air conditioner stopped working but then it started working and she was like THANK GOD.

68. Big Ass Ponytailney.

67. iPhone 5s Glasses Getting Olderney.

66. The time she was actually hilarious.

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65. Every time she posted pictures of planets.

64. That time she wore the ugliest pants ever and still managed to slay the choreography.

63. The time she made Adele relevant again.

62. 45-Degree Head Tiltney

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

61. The time she ended all cyber-bullying.

60. The time this picture was taken.

59. The time she had sex with the air.

58. That time she put her dip-dyed pontail in a big ole' braid and saved some lives.

57. That time her hair fell out like lol.

56. The time she made this face.

55. That time she saw Harry Styles and was all like...

... I have no idea who you even are.

54. When she adopted Lexie from Bryan.

53. When Lexie became a part of her family.

52. And also that time Britney hid Lexie behind her Teen Choice Award because Bryan was there and wanted his kid back.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

51. The "Pretty Girls" dance breakdown.

50. When she liked a picture of the "Pretty Girls" cover where Iggy Azalea is a bag of trash.

49. When she cut her own hair and took this super-dark selfie — like, TURN THE LIGHT ON, BRIT.

48. That time she ditched her sorry-ass boyfriend, Charmin or whatever his name was, and took this picture with some hot Southern dude on a boat.

47. Assney.

46. That time she called some guy "horrendo" even though his name was Roberto.

45. Little Clapney.


44. Fucking Assholesney.

43. That time she was 16 again.

David Becker / Getty Images

42. Everything about Christmas Tree Lightingney.

41. That time she re-created the Oops album cover at Disneyland.

40. That time she was inspired by fellow legend, Matilda's mom.

39. That time she started to fly because she's God.

38. "Pretty Girls"...

37. That time she went to the AMAs and was all like "why 'Pretty Girls'?!! What have I done?!!"

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

36. The time she got her award and ran off the stage because she needed to pick something up at Target before it closed.


35. That time she posted a picture of Albert Einstein and said they were old friends that go way back???????

34. All of her iconic meet-and-greets.

Planet Hollywood

33. ESPYney.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

32. That time she posted a selfie of her desk with her $3 Bath & Body Works sprays.

31. That time she posted this picture of three horses looking at their reflections in a puddle or something.

30. That time her pants split during "3" and she handled it like a pro because she's fucking Britney Spears.

Inside Edition / Via

29. Insane Yoga Poseney.

She's a mom now!

28. The time she catcalled some random girl on stage.

27. That time she scared the living shit out of all of us by randomly appearing in that weird-ass Super Bowl commercial, like, BRITNEY ARE YOU PERFORMING OR WHAT?!?!

26. Charityney, in general.

25. The time some random girl group was talking about her at the Teen Choice Awards.

24. When she started a social media revolution known as #SexySunday.

23. That time she completely eviscerated Iggy Azalea with a simple, shady tweet.

22. All of those times she teased (tortured) us with new music.

21. That time she saved someone from eternal damnation.

20. Jane the Virginney.

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19. When Britney and a fan performed on the Billboard Music Awards.


18. That time God arrived to an awards show.

17. The time she made the VMAs relevant again.

16. The most iconic eye-cross of 2015.

15. That time she was performing and decided she wanted to have a fucking orgy.

14. The time she smiled like this and for a brief moment we believed in that weird-ass Age of Adaline reverse-aging movie syndrome thing.

13. Every single blurry-ass, mom-from-the-Midwest meme she posted.

12. But especially this one about being a ho.

11. AND the Minion ones ----> iconic.

10. OK, actually, all of them are iconic.


8. When she showed up to the Teen Choice Awards as real-life Malibu Barbie.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ifuseektony

7. Dip Dyeney, in general.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

6. That time she turned into a mermaid for a few weeks.

5. "Tom's Diner" slaying all of our lives and that day she uploaded this song on her Vevo and we all thought she was on her way to Tom's D to film a music video but that never happened.

4. The time she told all men to suck her fucking toe 🙏.

3. Every. Single. Hair. Flip.

2. When she legitimately became the best person on Instagram.

1. Aug. 8, 2015.

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The day Britney slayed harder than ever.

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