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    26 People Who You Probably Think Of As Children Who Actually Have Their Own Children Now

    I guess what I'm trying to say is you're, like, actually old now.

    1. Josh Peck as a kid:

    josh peck in nickelodeon days

    Josh Peck with a kid:

    His son, Max, just turned 3.

    2. Bindi Irwin as a kid:

    Bindi Irwin with a kid:

    Her name is Grace Warrior.

    3. David Henrie as a kid:

    david henrie pointing at the camera in the early 2000s

    David Henrie with kids:

    He just announced he's having a third.

    4. Nathan Kress as a kid:

    nathan at camp ronald mcdonald

    Nathan Kress with a kid:

    He just had his second kid last year.

    5. Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, as a kid:

    Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, with a kid:

    She's 10, which is like the same age Bow Wow was when he became famous.

    shai moss on a red carpet in west hollywood

    6. Luck of the Irish star Ryan Merriman as a kid:

    Ryan has big ears and frosted tips

    Ryan Merriman with a kid:

    As you can see, Ryan still reps the green because he's Irish or something:

    7. Danica McKellar as a kid:

    danica is with ben savage

    Danica McKellar with a kid:

    Her son, Draco, just turned 11:

    8. Fred Savage as a kid:

    fred is about 12 he is holding a baseball bat

    Fred Savage with his kids:

    he has a son and a daughter and they are at the KCAs

    Here he is tending to his son's explosive diarrhea:

    9. Danielle Fishel as a kid:

    topanga in boy meets world

    Danielle Fishel with a kid:

    She had another son who was born last summer:

    10. Christy Carlson Romano as a kid:

    christy on even stevens

    Christy Carlson Romano with her kids:

    Here they are on the first day of school:

    11. Michael Fishman as a kid:

    he's the kid from roseanne

    Michael Fishman with a kid:

    Here they are at a baseball game:

    12. Patrick Renna as a kid:

    Patrick Renna with his kids:

    Here's another pic of the happy family:

    13. Joe Mazzello from Jurassic Park as a kid:

    he's like 10 in the movie jurrasic park

    Joe Mazzello with his kids:

    14. Erik von Detten as a kid:

    he has a middle part gelled haircut

    Erik von Detten with a kid:

    He actually has two now:

    15. Kirsten Storms, aka Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, then:

    a sign for zenon girl of the 21st century

    Kirsten Storms, aka Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, now and with a kid:

    Her name is Harper:

    16. Danny Tamberelli as a kid:

    danny in his mid 90s pete and pete days

    Danny Tamberelli with a kid:

    His son's name is Alfred:

    17. Kel Mitchell as a kid:

    kenan and kel in the 90s on a grass field

    Kel Mitchell with a kid:

    His daughter looks just like him:

    18. Clayton Snyder as a kid:

    clayton is at the lizzie mcguire movie premiere

    Clayton Snyder with his (future) kid:

    He's ripped now, BTW:

    19. The twins from Full House as kids:

    the twins with uncle jessie

    One of the twins from Full House and his child now:

    Very, very cute:

    20. Jonathan Lipnicki as a kid:

    jonny talking on the phone in jerry maguire

    Jonathan Lipnicki and child now:

    His name is Denny and he's a star:

    21. Jordan Warkol, aka Froggy from Little Rascals, as a kid:

    froggy with his characteristic glasses

    Jordan Warkol with his (future) kid:

    It's a girl, apparently:

    22. Ross Bagley as a kid:

    ross on the fresh prince

    Ross Bagley with a kid:

    He really looks just like him:

    23. All of the Jonas Brothers as kids:

    the jonas brothers on trl in 2006

    All of the Jonas Brothers have kids now, but Kevin is the only one who currently posts pics of his:

    24. Aaron Carter as a kid:

    aaron in the 90s in a leather outfit

    Aaron Carter with a kid:

    His son's name is Prince:

    25. Rupert Grint as a kid:

    rupert on a harry potter red carpet

    Rupert Grint with a kid:

    His daughter's name is Wednesday:

    26. Frankie Muniz as a kid:

    frankie at the my dog skip premiere

    Frankie Muniz with a kid:

    His son's name is Mauz, so Mauz Muniz, which has a nice ring to it, IMO: