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    It's Officially Been 14 Years Since "Wizards Of Waverly Place" Aired, So Here's What The Cast Looked Like Then Vs. Now

    Everything is not what it seems, because how has it been 14 years?! 😱

    On Oct. 12, 2007, exactly 14 years ago today, Disney Channel blessed us with the very first episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.

    And to celebrate, let's take a look at what our favorite magical family has been up to and what they look like now:

    1. Here's Selena Gomez when she started playing Alex Russo in 2007:

    Selena wearing a striped long-sleeved shirt and jeans

    And here's Selena Gomez now:

    Selena Gomez walking in Soho in a brightly colored dress

    2. Here's David Henrie when he started playing Justin Russo in 2007:

    David Henrie as Justin Russo sits on a chair in a button down shirt

    And here's David Henrie now:

    David Henrie attends the Indochino Red Carpet launch party in a suit

    3. Here's Jake T. Austin when he started playing Max Russo in 2007:

    Jake T. Austin as Max Russo in a graphic t-shirt

    And here's Jake T. Austin now:

    Jake T. Austin attends the premiere of Sony Pictures' "Bloodshot"

    4. Here's Jennifer Stone when she started playing Harper Finkle in 2007:

    And here's Jennifer Stone now:

    5. Here's Maria Canals-Barrera when she started playing Theresa Russo in 2007:

    Mrs. Russo

    And here's Maria Canals-Barrera now:

    Maria Canals-Barrera in 2019 posing at a red carpet event

    6. Here's David DeLuise when he started playing Jerry Russo in 2007:

    Jerry Russo

    And here's David DeLuise now:

    David DeLuise walking outside, talking on the phone, and holding a coffee cup

    7. Here's Gregg Sulkin when he started playing Mason Greyback in 2010:

    Mason first meeting Alex

    And here's Gregg Sulkin now:

    Gregg Sulkin in a tuxedo at the Producers Guild Awards

    8. Here's Bailee Madison when she started playing Max "Maxine" Russo in 2011:

    Max as Maxine Russo

    And here's Bailee Madison now:

    Madison poses for photographers in a short suit-dress with large belt buckle

    9. Here's Dan Benson when he started playing Zeke Beakerman in 2007:

    Zeke Beakerman holding a plate of American cheese

    And here's Dan Benson now:

    10. Here's Bill Chott when he started playing Mr. Hershel Laritate in 2007:

    Mr. Laritate

    And here's Bill Chott now:

    Bill Chott wearing a jacket and jeans at an event

    11. Here's Bridgit Mendler when she started playing Juliet van Heusen in 2009:

    Juliet van Heusen smiling

    And here's Bridgit Mendler now:

    12. Here's Hayley Kiyoko when she started playing Stevie Nichols in 2010:

    Stevie Nichols

    And here's Hayley Kiyoko now:

    Hayley Kiyoko poses on a red carpet in brightly-colored shorts, a blouse, and a sequined jacket

    13. Here's Skyler Samuels when she started playing Gigi Hollingsworth in 2007:

    Gigi Hollingsworth

    And here's Skyler Samuels now:

    Skylar Samuels

    14. And finally, here's Jeff Garlin when he started playing Kelbo Russo in 2008:

    Kelbo Russo sitting fully clothed in a bathtub

    And here's Jeff Garlin now: