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From Ben Stiller To Nicki Minaj: Here's How 28 Celebs Reacted To Losing Their Blue Checks And Becoming Unverified Plebes

I honestly didn't even know Ben Stiller had a Twitter account until now.

On 4/20, Elon Musk finally took away legacy blue check marks for people who weren't paying $8 a month to be verified.

That included a whole buncha celebs, and here's how they reacted...

1. Halle Berry:

Cartoon Network/ Twitter: @halleberry

2. Wiz Khalifa:

3. Charli XCX:

Twitter: @charli_xcx

4. Nicki Minaj:

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

So if I don’t pay for a blue check mark (which I won’t), then can anybody just pay $8 to call themselves me with a “verified” account? Cool.

Twitter: @hitRECordJoe

6. Suki Waterhouse:

7. Bette Midler:

Elon took my blue check away! I’m unverified! After all these years and thousands of tweets and free content, this worm has the nerve to de-certify me!

Twitter: @BetteMidler

8. Shangela:

9. Lynda Carter:

No blue check mark? Okay, we’ll settle this the old-fashioned way.

Twitter: @RealLyndaCarter

10. Grover:

My cute adorable blue checkmark is now gone, but I, your cute adorable blue monster, am still here!

Twitter: @Grover

11. Elmo:

Elmo will miss you, little blue check mark. But don’t worry everybody, Elmo is still Elmo! ❤️

Twitter: @elmo

12. Cookie Monster:

13. Ciara:

Blue check or no check… I know my fans still checkin. ❤️

Twitter: @ciara

14. Leann Rimes Cibrian:

bye bye #bluecheck i’ve already paid enough in this lifetime to be “verified.” #authenticasshit

Twitter: @leannrimes

15. Kevin McHale:

Feels right to lose the check mark on the 5 year anniversary of me (accidentally) coming out on twitter. Happy 420 homos.

Twitter: @druidDUDE

16. Jack Quaid:

No blue check but this is me. Don’t fall for imposters. Remember I have a 92 at the end of my handle. @ Jack Quaid was taken by someone impersonating me in 2011. It was the whole reason I got a twitter in the 1st place. If only there was some sort of… free verification system…

Twitter: @JackQuaid92

17. Lil Nas X:

me after i lose my blue check tomorrow

Nickelodeon/ Twitter: @LilNasX

18. The Blue Man Group:

19. Dionne Warwick:

My latte this morning was wonderful. https://t.co/f3roroXxP4

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

20. Rachel Zegler:

21. Ben Stiller:

Twitter: @BenStiller

22. Alyssa Milano:

23. Lauren Jauregui:

This is now my proof of verification✨ thank you 😂

Twitter: @LaurenJauregui

24. Ariana Grande's mom, Joan Grande:

25. Henry Winkler:

He lost a really big rocket .. we lost a check mark

Twitter: @hwinkler4real

26. Dan Rather:

Tucker Carlson has a blue check. So does Sean Hannity and Elon Musk. The NAACP and NY Times don’t. I’m more than good being one of the latter.

Twitter: @DanRather

27. The American Museum of Natural History:

Who needs a blue check when you have a BLUE WHALE?

Twitter: @AMNH

28. And last but not least, Ice T who still has his check...

Hey. Maybe it’ll disappear soon.. F it.


...because Elon is personally paying for some.

And now we have another update!