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    Here’s How 60 Celebrities Looked 10 Years Ago, And How They Look Today

    It's the 2012 Challenge: Celebrity Edition, following the latest social media challenge where people are sharing then-and-now photos.

    There's a new social media photo challenge!

    Older woman looking weary

    This time, people are posting pictures of themselves in 2012 compared with now.

    Older woman looking perplexed

    Because I'm so random, here are 60 celebs in 2012 vs. today.

    1. Sophia Grace and Rosie in 2012:

    Girls wearing long ballerina gowns and holding hands

    Sophia Grace and Rosie now:

    2. Harry Styles in 2012:

    Harry in jeans walking with Taylor Swift

    Harry Styles now:

    Harry in a green suit and walking with a small handbag

    3. Joey King in 2012:

    Smiling and wearing a short ballerina skirt

    Joey King now:

    In a long, tasseled straight gown on the red carpet

    4. Justin Bieber in 2012:

    Justin with Selena Gomez in an audience

    Justin Bieber now:

    5. Nolan Gould, aka the kid from Modern Family, in 2012:

    On the Teen Choice Awards red carpet, in shirt and pants

    Nolan Gould, aka the kid from Modern Family, now:

    6. Grimes in 2012:

    In pigtails, torn tights, and long shorts

    Grimes now:

    Twitter: @Grimezsz

    She may have gotten elf ears!

    7. Zendaya in 2012:

    In a long, animal-print top and short ballerina skirt on the red carpet

    Zendaya now:

    In a slinky gown

    8. Jennifer Lopez in 2012:

    JLo holding hands with Marc Anthony

    Jennifer Lopez now:

    Holding hands with Ben Affleck

    9. Ben Affleck in 2012:

    Walking with Jennifer Garner, both holding takeout coffee

    Ben Affleck now:

    Ben on the phone and holding a takeout tray with two coffees in it

    10. Frankie Jonas in 2012:

    With his brothers, the Jonas Brothers, in suits

    Frankie Jonas now:

    Wearing a suit and bow tie and standing with one of his brothers

    11. Kristen Stewart in 2012:

    Kristen with Robert Pattinson

    Kristen Stewart now:

    Kristen in a strapless, midriff-baring top and sunglasses

    12. Blake Lively in 2012:

    Blake in high boots and tight pants with Penn Badgley in scene from Gossip Girl

    Blake Lively now:

    13. Dolly Parton in 2012:

    Dolly waving

    Dolly Parton now:

    Dolly in a checkered top

    14. Chris Pratt in 2012:

    Chris in a suit and sitting with Anna Faris

    Chris Pratt now:

    Chris dressed casually on the red carpet

    15. Tom Hiddleston in 2012:

    Tom smiling in a light suit jacket and dark pants

    Tom Hiddleston now:

    Tom in jeans and a sweater on the red carpet

    16. Megan Fox in 2012:

    Megan wearing a light-colored short, sleeveless dress on the Tonight Show

    Megan Fox now:

    Megan with Machine Gun Kelly

    17. Miley Cyrus in 2012:

    Liam posing for a photo with Miley Cyrus at the Oscars

    Miley Cyrus now:

    Miley on a talk show

    18. Thomas Brodie-Sangster in 2012:

    Wearing a long suit jacket and tie

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster now:

    Thomas being kissed by a woman

    19. Anne Hathaway in 2012:

    Anne in a strapless top and skirt

    Anne Hathaway now:

    Anne in a knee-length jacket on the red carpet

    20. Rihanna in 2012:

    Rihanna rocking short hair at the VMAs as she looks over her shoulder while posing

    Rihanna now:

    Rihanna sitting on a couch

    21. Adele in 2012:

    Adele in a sparkly, long gown on the red carpet

    Adele now:

    Adele holding a microphone

    22. Michael B. Jordan in 2012:

    Michael in a satiny suit and smiling

    Michael B. Jordan now:

    Michael standing in front of a Hennessy sign

    23. Ryan Gosling in 2012:

    Ryan wearing a hoodie and backpack

    Ryan Gosling now:

    Ryan in a jacket and jeans

    24. Jaden Smith in 2012:

    Jaden in a jacket on the red carpet

    Jaden Smith now:

    Jaden in jeans and a flowery top

    25. Willow Smith in 2012:

    Willow with Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on the red carpet

    Willow Smith now:

    Willow in wide pants and high heels

    26. Bella Thorne in 2012:

    Bella with Zendaya arm in arm

    Bella Thorne now:

    Bella in a crochet knit, tight gown

    27. Andrew Garfield in 2012:

    Andrew with Emma Stone

    Andrew Garfield now:

    Andrew in a light-colored suit and holding sunglasses

    28. Hailee Steinfeld in 2012:

    Hailee at the premiere of The Dark Knight in a floral-print dress

    Hailee Steinfeld now:

    Hailee in a strapless, long gown

    29. Keanu Reeves in 2012:

    Keanu Reeves now:

    30. Paris Jackson in 2012:

    Paris in a jeans skirt and shirt with her brothers

    Paris Jackson now:

    31. Lourdes Leon in 2012:

    Lourdes in a minidress with her mother, Madonna

    Lourdes Leon now:

    32. Pete Davidson in 2012:

    pete is doing stand up in new jersey

    Pete Davidson now:

    Pete wearing sunglasses and wearing a Ye-type suit

    33. Demi Lovato in 2012:

    Demi Lovato now:

    Demi wearing a striped pantsuit and smiling with Jimmy Fallon

    34. Nicki Minaj in 2012:

    Nicki Minaj now:

    In a bodycon dress

    35. Tom Holland in 2012:

    Tom Holland now:

    36. Chris Evans in 2012:

    Chris Evans now:

    Chris in a short-sleeved shirt and sunglasses

    37. Oscar Isaac in 2012:

    Oscar Isaac now:

    Oscar in a turtleneck and jacket

    38. Jennifer Lawrence in 2012:

    Jennifer Lawrence now:

    JLaw in a bodysuit and lacy, see-through dress

    39. Zayn Malik in 2012:

    Zayn Malik now:

    40. Paul Rudd in 2012:

    Paul Rudd now:

    41. Nick Jonas in 2012:

    Nick Jonas now:

    42. Taylor Swift in 2012:

    Taylor in shorts and holding a microphone

    Taylor Swift now:

    Taylor in a shiny gown

    43. Meghan Markle in 2012:

    Meghan Markle now:

    Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands

    44. Chris Colfer in 2012:

    Chris in jeans, shirt, and sweater with hands in the jeans pockets

    Chris Colfer now:

    Chris in a suit and bow tie

    45. Ariana Grande in 2012:

    Ariana in a strapless short dress

    Ariana Grande now:

    Ariana as a Voice judge

    46. Kendall Jenner in 2012:

    Kendall in a minidress waving on the red carpet

    Kendall Jenner now:

    Kendall smiling in a shiny bodycon dress

    47. Kylie Jenner in 2012:

    Kylie in a short skirt on the red carpet

    Kylie Jenner now:

    Kylie in pants and holding a shiny purse and a child's hand

    48. Kim Kardashian in 2012:

    Kim with Ye

    Kim Kardashian now:

    Kim in a shiny, bodycon bodysuit

    49. Khloé Kardashian in 2012:

    Khloé with Tristan Thompson on the red carpet

    Khloé Kardashian now:

    Khloé wearing big sunglasses and a bodysuit and waving

    50. Bindi Irwin in 2012:

    Bindi in a knee-length dress on the red carpet

    Bindi Irwin now:

    51. Seth Rogen in 2012:

    Set on the red carpet, dressed casually

    Seth Rogen now:

    Set in a casual suit on the red carpet

    52. Sophie Turner in 2012:

    Sophie in a minidress on the red carpet

    Sophie Turner now:

    In a sleeveless dress on the red carpet

    53. Joe Jonas in 2012:

    Joe smiling and being kissed by two young women

    Joe Jonas now:

    54. Jack Quaid in 2012:

    Jack dressed casually on the red carpet

    Jack Quaid now:

    Jack in a casual suit

    55. Lady Gaga in 2012:

    Gaga in high platform heels and an ornate hat

    Lady Gaga now:

    Gaga performing with dancers onstage

    56. Idris Elba in 2012:

    Idris in a suit holding a Golden Globe

    Idris Elba now:

    Idris in a suit, no tie

    57. Austin Butler in 2012:

    Austin a suit with Vanessa Hudgens

    Austin Butler now:

    Austin in a shiny suit on the red carpet with Olivia DeJonge

    58. Hailey Bieber in 2012:

    Hailey on the runway in a short, ballerina-type dress

    Hailey Bieber now:

    Hailey in a short turtleneck dress

    59. Gigi Hadid in 2012:

    Gigi Hadid now:

    Gigi in loose cargo jeans and a jacket and giving the peace sign

    60. And last but not least, Leonardo DiCaprio in 2012:

    Leonardo DiCaprio now:

    Leo wearing a cap and sitting at a table with his mother