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According To A "Scientific Study," These Are The Best Looking Male Celebs

Beauty is subjective, but math doesn't lie.

The golden mean is a mathematical measure found in nature and architecture, and now, also in human beings, apparently!

Plastic surgeon Julian De Silva analyzed the faces of some of the biggest male celebrities in the world to try to figure out whose proportions got closest to the elusive golden mean.

And here they are, the most attractive men in the world, according to math and science:

10. Jamie Foxx takes 10th place, scoring 85.46% by Dr. de Silva's measure. Not bad.

9. We already know that Zayn Malik is good looking, but we had no idea his face was so close to perfect.

8. Science validates the passion we all feel for Ryan Gosling.

7. Idris Elba has a banging body, but his face is the eighth most beautiful one in the world, too!

6. Will Smith is fun, talented, and 88.88% perfect as well.

5. David Beckham, in addition to being in fifth place in this study, turns out to have the best facial shape as well (that is, the most symmetrical and proportionate).

4. Harry Styles surprised us this year with his solo album, movie premiere, his 89.63% facial symmetry, and the prize for the best jawline.

3. Brad Pitt comes in third, which is a shock to nobody. You don't need a mathematical formula to see how beautiful he is.

2. If anyone asks you why you like Bradley Cooper, now you can tell them that he has the second most beautiful face in Hollywood, according to science.

1. George Clooney has been considered the best looking for years, and now science backs that up with a 91.86% on Dr. de Silva's scale.

This post was translated from Spanish.