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These Artist Reimagined Different Celebs As The Next James Bond

I got 99 problems but a Bond ain't one.

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With the release of the new Bond film Spectre, came the news that this is the last time we’ll see Daniel Craig as the martini swiggin’ spy.

Columbia Pictures

The creative people over at Design Crowd have done the casting team a favour and imagined who could be the next 007.

While the last time an Aussie donned the bow-tie didn't go so swimmingly, Hugh Jackman would fit nicely.

r-toha / Via

He's got charisma in spades and maybe it's about time Bond ordered an icy cold, delicious beer.

The safest of the bunch, Michael Fassbender wouldn't be too much of stretch from Daniel Craig.

Reel that tween audience in with the James Biebs 007.

Sergio Coelho / Via

Justin Bieber seems to have come full circle in 2015 with the release of a couple of bangers. Cast the lead and get the theme song in one fell swoop, perhaps?

No one is going to fuck with Ice Cube as Bond. No. One.

senja / Via

His comedic turn in 21 Jump Street and its sequel means Ice Cube can bring total badassery with a hint of humour to Britain's most famous secret agent.

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