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    These Artist Reimagined Different Celebs As The Next James Bond

    I got 99 problems but a Bond ain't one.

    With the release of the new Bond film Spectre, came the news that this is the last time we’ll see Daniel Craig as the martini swiggin’ spy.

    Come on, Idris Elba seems the most logical choice.

    While the last time an Aussie donned the bow-tie didn't go so swimmingly, Hugh Jackman would fit nicely.

    The safest of the bunch, Michael Fassbender wouldn't be too much of stretch from Daniel Craig.

    Reel that tween audience in with the James Biebs 007.

    Kanye West definitely has the ego to continue a successful franchise.

    With reviews for Spectre a little lacklustre, maybe Donald Trump can "Make Bond Great Again".

    No one is going to fuck with Ice Cube as Bond. No. One.

    It's not much of a stretch to imagine a man named Jamie Foxx taking on the role of Bond.

    But if all else fails, there could be Her Majesty the Queen protecting... herself?

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