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25 Parents Who Made Us Laugh In 2014

"Very funny, mom." Actually, very funny.

1. The mom whose text game was way better than her daughter's.

2. Self-proclaimed "World's Best Father" Dave Engledow, who released a book featuring the outrageous photos he takes with his 3-year-old.

3. The mom who drew eyebrows on her baby.

4. The ladies behind What's Up Moms, who made this Britney-approved parody video of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space."

“Gotta have that Starbucks latte, or else I’ll go insane.”

They also reimagined Iggy Azalea's "Fancy."

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"I'm so pregnant / Can't fit any clothes."

5. The dad who blew his daughter's mind. Literally.

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6. Seth Rogen's mom, Sandy, who joined Twitter and proved that the apple never falls too far from the tree.

7. The dads behind Go the F*ck to Sleep, who released the wonderfully exasperated follow-up, You Have to F*cking Eat.

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And they got Bryan Cranston to narrate it which is frankly perfect.

8. The mom who brilliantly updated her kid's snack packer for high school.

9. This nightmare-inducing dad.

10. The parents who made a hilarious video on how to avoid waking a baby.

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11. Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, who continued to lay claim to the funniest family Halloween costumes around.

12. This proud mom.

"When I grow up I get to say all of the bad words. Like every single one." Looks like I have the next Steve Jobs on my hands, guys.

13. The dad who knew the dangers posed by a milkshake.

14. The mom who made this "Let It Go" parody video.

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15. And the dads who nearly went crazy because they couldn't get the Frozen songs out of their heads.

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16. John Wilhelm, the dad who photoshopped his daughter into hilarious situations.

17. This mom in need of earplugs.

My kids don't even use their outdoor voices indoors. They use their yelling-over-dubstep-at-a-rave voices.

18. Greg Pembroke, who turned his hit Tumblr, Reasons My Kid Is Crying, into a laugh-out-loud book.

19. The mom who, along with her toddler-aged daughters, re-enacted scenes from 2014's Academy Award nominees.

20. Also, the parents behind Cardboard Box Office, who inserted their baby into classic films.

21. Harmony Smith, who made awesomely quirky Vines with her son, Elliot.

22. The dad whose commitment to pranking his daughter with this skeleton was admirable.


Very admirable.

23. The mom who made sure her kid was prepared for college parties.

24. The dad who decided to take his own maternity photos when his pregnant wife declined to.

25. And Ilana of Mommy Shorts, who compiled the funniest ways little kids have mispronounced words.

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