This Man Took Maternity Photos Of Himself When His Pregnant Wife Wouldn’t

The results couldn’t be any more glorious if he were actually pregnant.

1. When his pregnant wife decided not to get maternity photos, Reddit user DruishPrincess69 hired a photographer and took her place.

Harley K Photography / Via

2. He took an artsy profile photo…

Harley K Photography / Via

3. A couple classy black-and-whites…

Harley K Photography / Via

5. Got the shot no maternity shoot of late is complete without…

Harley K Photography / Via

6. Captured his pre-baby cravings…

Harley K Photography / Via

9. Gawked in awe at his changing body…

Harley K Photography / Via

10. And even captured this beautiful moment.

Harley K Photography / Via

11. Here’s hoping this dad-to-be keeps his sense of humor when he’s changing diapers at three in the morning.

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