19 Facts That Are Absolutely Worth Knowing About "Euphoria" Actor Angus Cloud

    Get to know the latest Euphoria fan favorite.

    1. To start, Angus Cloud is best-known for his role as Fezco in Euphoria. But did you know this is actually his first major recurring TV role?

    Angus Cloud in Euphoria

    2. He's originally a Bay Area native and was born in Oakland, California.

    Angus Cloud in Euphoria

    3. Growing up, Angus and Zendaya both attended the Oakland School for the Arts long before they were HBO costars.

    4. After he graduated, he made the move to New York and worked at a chicken-and-waffles restaurant in Brooklyn.

    5. He got his shot to audition when a casting agent saw him walking down street in Manhattan.

    6. If he hadn't landed the role as Fezco, he had planned to move back to Ireland with his family, which is where they're originally from.

    Angus Cloud on the red carpet

    7. Say it ain't so, but, Fezco was originally supposed to die in Season 1 of Euphoria. The actor found out when he was filming the pilot episode with Jacob Elordi.

    Angus Cloud in Euphoria

    8. Angus has quite the social following with over 3.4 million people on his Instagram alone.

    9. He also has a sense of humor and often live tweets during new episodes of Euphoria air each Sunday.

    HBO / Twitter: @anguscloud

    Give him a follow on Twitter: @anguscloud.

    10. He credits his costar Maude Apatow for encouraging him to be truly vulnerable while acting.

    Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud in Euphoria

    11. One of his favorite shows to binge again and again is The Office.

    Angus Cloud on the red carpet

    12. Many fans have said he has a close resemblance to the late Mac Miller.

    Angus Cloud in Euphoria

    13. He hasn't publicly confirmed his true birthday because he doesn't want to be judge based on his Zodiac sign.

    Angus Cloud on the red carpet

    14. When it comes to florals, his favorite flowers are roses.

    15. During the Season 2, Episode 1 fight scene between Nate and Fezco, Angus revealed that bottles "made out of sugar" were used during the sequence.

    Twitter: @anguscloud

    16. Outside of acting, he directs and edits music videos for his friends and posts them on his YouTube channel.

    Angus Cloud on the red carpet

    17. He admires Tom Hardy as an actor.

    Angus Cloud on the red carpet

    18. He has new projects on the horizon and is currently filming The Line and Your Lucky Day.

    19. And finally, in the future he plans to continue being on screen would like to bring his goofy side to his upcoming acting roles.

    Euphoria cast on the red carpet