Jacob Elordi Said Filming The Party Scene On "Euphoria" Began To Feel Like "Hell," Plus 15 Other BTS Facts

    Sydney Sweeney said it was apparently "terrifying" to have Maddy bang on the other side of the bathroom.

    Warning: Spoilers for Euphoria Season 1 and 2!!

    Euphoria is BACK — and stressing me out already lol.

    From the jump, this season is already geared to be more dramatic, more violent, and more intense.

    Nate standing ominously in the background of a party while Cassie and Maddy dance

    There's always been a lot of talk around the unique artistic direction the show takes in filming, but even more so in Season 2. In light of that, here are 16 behind-the-scenes facts about Euphoria Season 2.

    1. Season 2 was shot entirely on film. Euphoria cinematographer Marcell Rév said Kodak had to resurrect a specific type of film for the show.

    Cassie glowing in Nate's dream

    2. In fact, to create that snapshot effect, they used a spotlight to film the party scene.

    Kat standing pensively in the background of a party

    3. The now iconic scene where Fez beats up Nate and smashes his head with a bottle was real (to an extent). Angus Cloud (Fez) was given a bottle "made out of sugar" and actually shattered it over Jacob Elordi's head.

    @anguscloud / Via Twitter: @anguscloud

    "He was taking those bottles to the dome like a champ," Angus told Thrillist. "And I was punching the fucking floor for like three hours and my arms were sore."

    4. Sydney Sweeney said the bathroom scene was "terrifying" to shoot.

    Cassie looking terrified while Maddy bangs on the door

    5. Yes, that was "toilet guy's" real penis.


    yeah that was me in euphoria. you guys are killing me ☠️☠️☠️ #euphoria #fyp #bathroomguy

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    In the Season 2 opener, Cassie is trapped in a bathroom hiding from Maddy and pulls the shower curtain aside to see a man sitting, fully nude, on the toilet. According to the penis's owner, Ansel Pierce, that was indeed his own apendage. "Yes, that is me, in the bathroom, not a prosthetic," Ansel told TikTok.

    6. Angus Cloud was cast as Fez after an agent saw him walking down the street and asked him to read for the part.

    Angus Cloud in an orange suit

    7. Jacob Elordi said he started to get "phantom pain" from shooting those scenes with his head in a cast.

    Nate with stitches on his face in the hospital

    8. The Season 2 makeup is meant to be Season 1's "more introverted sister."

    Cassie and Maddy with their Euphoria makeup

    9. Newcomer Dominic Fike (Elliot) had never acted prior to Euphoria.

    10. Other newcomer, Faye, played by Chloe Cherry, is a real-life porn star.

    11. Tom Holland visited the Season 2 set "at least 30 times."

    zendaya and tom on the set of euphoria, SCREAMING <3

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @homeccomings

    Tom has also mentioned in more than one interview that he wants to make a cameo or guest star in Euphoria at some point.

    12. The actor who plays young Ashtray is Javon Walton's real-life younger brother.

    13. Sydney Sweeney said Sam Levinson called her to ask about the Cassie/Nate storyline.

    14. Drake showed up to the Season 2 table read and stayed for three hours.

    Drake in a suit on the red carpet

    15. The New Year's Eve party scene was shot all night for over a week.

    Jules looking concerned at the New Year's party

    16. That Kat fantasy scene is the second episode was meant to be a commentary on the world of social media.

    An influencer telling Kat she needs to "smash beauty standards"