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17 Easy Dinners Everyone Should Have In Their Arsenal

Back away from the instant ramen. You got this.

1. A hearty slow-simmered chili:

2. A classic pasta that only needs a few ingredients:

Like Marcella Hazan's famous four-ingredient tomato sauce, or a back-to-basics Cacio e Pepe. Recipes here and here.

More ideas: 21 Simple One Pot Pastas

3. A casserole that will feed a crowd:

Like this white chicken enchilada casserole that's ready in less than an hour. Recipe here.

More ideas: 20 Casserole Recipes To Try

4. Chicken (or fish) in a simple white wine sauce:

5. A savory stir fry:

6. An easy sheet pan dinner:

7. A foolproof slow cooker soup:

Like big batch minestrone. Recipe here.

More ideas: 24 Extremely Delicious Slow Cooker Dinners

8. A filling frittata that goes beyond breakfast:

9. A light but filling fish fillet:

10. Homemade fried rice that's even better than takeout:

11. From-scratch pizza that beats delivery:

12. A perfectly seared steak:

13. A meatless option that even carnivores will crave:

14. A healthy meal that puts everything you need in one bowl:

15. Mac 'n' cheese that doesn't come with a seasoning packet:

16. A simple seafood option:

17. And a burger that's not boring:

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