31 Game-Changing Breakfast For Dinner Recipes


1. Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

Maryanne Cabrera /

You’re seeing what I’m seeing, right? There are tater tots ON that pizza. And also eggs. [Faints]. Get the recipe.

2. Chicken Hash with Eggs

Con Poulos /

Get the recipe.

3. Sweet Potato & Mozzarella Egg Skillet

Averie Sunshine /

Get the recipe.

4. Green Omelette

Peas and cheese, please. Get the recipe.

5. Soft-Boiled Eggs with Grilled Cheese Soldiers

Laura Davidson /

I don’t know how it took us so long to get here, but praise the Lord that we have. Get the recipe.

6. Breakfast Burritos

Sausage, eggs, peppers, potatoes, and cheese: all the best things in life. Get the recipe.

7. Sweet Corn Cake Eggs Benedict with Avocado Hollandaise

Jessica Merchant /

Get the recipe.

8. Homemade Chicken & Waffles

Jocelyn Delk Adams /

A love story for all time. Get the recipe.

9. Poached Egg with Grilled Asparagus and Serrano Ham

Get the recipe.

10. Chorizo, Ricotta & Greens Rolled In French Dough

Power pinwheels. Get the recipe.

11. Ramen Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Chris Rochelle /


Get the recipe (there’s a GIF, too!).

12. Huevos Rancheros with Avocado Salsa Verde

Kate Taylor /

Fresh, fast, and full of protein: the right kind of breakfast for dinner if you’re a sensible adult. Get the recipe.

13. Roasted Tomato & Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Erin Alderson /

Get the recipe.

14. Portuguese Baked Eggs

Matt Duckor /

Get the recipe.

15. Eggs Benedict Burger

Reporting this burger for indecent exposure. Get the recipe.

16. Chili & Cornbread Waffle Stacks

Howdy! Get the recipe.

17. Corned Beef Hash

Hirsheimer & Hamilton /

Get your hands on some quality corned beef and the rest is pretty much inevitable. Get the recipe.

18. Daniel Humm’s Genius Egg Sandwich

Francesco Tonelli / I Love New York / Via

The work of a master. Get the recipe.

19. Baked Eggs with Ham & Cheese

Vicky McDonald /

Like a little egg baby wrapped up in a cozy ham blanket. Get the recipe.

20. Crispy Cheesy Potato Waffles

Angie Tan /

Q: Are those waffles are made out of mashed potatoes?
Get the recipe.

21. Chicken Sausage, Squash & Fennel Hash

Michelle Hershman /

Who needs carbs when you can have hash? Get the recipe.

22. The Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Bob Deutscher /

Bacon, egg, potato, and cheese: check, check, check, and check. Get the recipe.

23. Ham & Cheese Waffles

Romulo Yanes /

The cheese is coming from inside the waffles. Get the recipe.

24. Skillet-Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt & Chili Oil

Jonathan Lovekin /

Just cause you’re eating breakfast for dinner doesn’t mean you can’t feel virtuous about it. Get the recipe.

25. Bacon & Egg Pizza

Con Poulos /

Get the recipe.

26. Sausage & Broccoli Rabe Frittata

We Are The Rhoads /

Get the recipe.

27. Buckwheat Pancakes with Blue Cheese, Bacon & Maple Syrup

Pancakes have been limited to morning hours for far too long. It ENDS NOW. Get the recipe.

28. Baked Huevos Rancheros

Pernille Pedersen /

Chips: the foundation of every great meal. Get the recipe.

29. Sweet Potato Breakfast Biscuits

Jessica Merchant /

Good evening, sunshine. Get the recipe.

30. Breakfast Tacos with Bacon & Kale

Get the recipe.

31. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Dana Shultz /

Cry your eyes out, Sausage McMuffin. Get the recipe.

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