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25 Braw Kilted Celebrity Men

Kilts are all over the place thanks to the new Starz series "Outlander," including wrapped around the hips of some of our favorite celebrity men.

Melanie Poloff 5 years ago

The Red Wedding As Told By Cats

There's a reason why the Lannisters' sigil is a lion, because only kitties are devious enough to have planned the Game of Thrones' Red Wedding. CAUTION SPOILERS.

Melanie Poloff 5 years ago

25 Awesome Photos Of The Queen And The Royal Corgis

Queen Elizabeth and Welsh Pembroke Corgis go together like clotted cream and scones, and the Royal Corgis have been part of the Queen's household since she was a little girl. They've been present for the Queen's most important moments, including the time Her Majesty helped a certain MI secret agent.

Melanie Poloff 6 years ago

7 Best Chick Tracts To Read This Halloween

There's a Chick Tract for every occasion and every holiday, but the ones for Halloween and the occult are, by far, the best. So grab some apple cider and some mini Snickers and sit back and enjoy. And Happy Halloween!

Melanie Poloff 6 years ago

18 Best Things About Not Being A Football Fan

Whether it's college football or the NFL, some of us really don't pay attention to what's happening on the griddle or gridiron or whatever it's called. We've discovered over the years that there are a lot of advantages to our disinterest.

Melanie Poloff 6 years ago

25 Koalas Who Are Incredibly Annoyed

Koalas may be cute and cuddly and stoned on eucalyptus leaves most of the time, but that doesn't mean they don't have bad days just like the rest of us.

Melanie Poloff 6 years ago