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20 Amazing Things You Learn During A Trip To San Francisco

Forget about finding the best dungeness crab or the friendliest cabbie when you visit San Francisco. You won't learn the really important things from a Lonely Planet guidebook, but only from walking the (very hilly) streets.

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1. You can stay there an entire week and never see the Golden Gate Bridge because of the marine layer.

2. San Francisco microclimates are a real thing, so dress in layers.

3. The $4 hipster toast at The Mill is totally worth the money.

The Mill’s Yelp reviews

4. The best view of the city is from Alcatraz.

5. If you buy something at Alcatraz, stuff the bag in a backpack or every pedicab driver will hassle you.

6. San Francisco isn't as big as you think, and is very walkable.

7. The Upper Haight smells of urine, patchouli, and weed.

8. Never make a joke about the San Francisco Giants outside the Ferry Building on a Saturday afternoon, or this may happen.

9. It's very white.

10. The baristas at the Embarcadero Starbucks are kinda mean.

11. The only people wearing shorts are runners and tourists.

12. And tourists are usually the only ones riding cable cars.

13. Adults come to blows over whether Blue Bottle or Four Barrel has the best coffee.

14. BART stations are amazingly clean for a metro transportation system.

15. Local politics are crazy and cutthroat.

16. Sourdough really does taste different in San Francisco.

17. The eucalyptus trees are magnificent and smell like cat pee.

18. Natives think 60 degrees is "freezing."

19. The waitresses at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park are the nicest in the city.

20. Drinking from a plastic bottle is a greater sin than calling San Francisco "Frisco."

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