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25 Braw Kilted Celebrity Men

Kilts are all over the place thanks to the new Starz series "Outlander," including wrapped around the hips of some of our favorite celebrity men.

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1. John Barrowman

2. Billy Boyd

3. Gerald Butler

4. Sean Connery

5. Billy Connolly

6. Alan Cummings

7. Vin Diesel

8. David Duchovny

9. Colin Farrell

10. Nathan Fillion

11. Sam Heughan

12. Samuel L. Jackson

13. Adam Lambert

14. James McAvoy

15. Ewan McGregor

16. Mike Meyers

17. Jason Momoa

18. Liam Neeson

19. P. Diddy

20. Alan Rickman

21. Markus Schenkenberghal

22. Patrick Stewart

23. David Tennant

24. Ed Westwick

25. Bernie Williams

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