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    34 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Products With Truly Impressive Before-And-After Photos

    These photos prove that sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for the good stuff.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A vegan exfoliating body scrub to slough away the rough bumps on the back of your arms and legs (keratosis pilaris is its name but you may have heard it called "strawberry skin" or "chicken skin") with a combination of powerful alpha-hydroxy acids.

    a split reviewer photo of their arm before and after using the body scrub

    Promising review: "I started using this product and my sister told me that she saw the difference it made on my arms from the keratosis pilaris! I see myself everyday and doubted that it had made a difference but when someone points it out, it makes it clear and feels for comforting knowing you didn’t waste money LOL!" —denise.m.l

    Get it from Amazon for $28

    2. A box of pore-tightening, skin-lifting face masks that'll truly terrify you, first because you'll look like a zombie once you've applied it, and second because it's so darn effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

    Promising review: "I wasn't a fan of this mask when I first tried it (I found it a little irritating and it didn't seem to make much of a difference). Then I used it multiple times a week, and I noticed a huge difference. My friends and family noticed it, too. My skin has a more even tone, the wrinkles around my eyes aren't as noticeable, and it really eliminated clogged pores and breakouts. I've never tried Hanacure, but I think this mask is great." —SpruceMoose

    Get a box of eight masks from Amazon for $21.95.

    3. A hardworking Boscia exfoliating gel cleanser for — clears throat — removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face with its exfoliating molecules (you can literally see "beads" of dead skin), penetrating deeply with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to purify your pores and stimulate collagen production, and firming and brightening your skin with pomegranate enzymes.

    Promising review: "I love this stuff! I bought it first at a store in the local mall and when I ran out, I repurchased from Amazon. Quality was the same as first time I bought which I was scared wouldn’t be. You do have to follow the directions or it won’t work as well (apply to dry skin), and I noticed people were rating it lower based on not using it correctly. My skins looks and feels so much younger and fresher. It’s the second year of my adult life that I haven’t had flaky skin on my face. I’m so thankful the lady at the mall recommended this to me over lotion." —Tearose81

    Get it from Amazon for $34.

    4. A lightweight moisturizer because it provides a barrier between your precious skin and all the nasties, like pollution and stressors. Sunflower seed oil, vitamins E and B5, and more nourishing ingredients help the skin retain moisture, improve softness, fade hyperpigmentation, brighten, and gently exfoliate.

    before photo of a reviewer with tired-looking skin and breakouts next to a photo of the same reviewer with clear, plumper-looking skin after using the moisturizer
    Skinergy Beauty

    Skinergy Beauty is a Latina-owned business started by Priscilla Jiminian, who struggled to find skincare that catered to skin like hers. After a trip to the Dominican Republic, her parents' country, she jumped into the skincare industry with the goal of creating products that were inclusive of all skin types.

    Promising review: "This moisturizer is literally my holy grail. My skin was struggling for months before I found this gem. Having done makeup professionally in the past, I’ve used so many different products and none have come close to this. I love it!" —Mel

    Get it from Skinergy for $47.99.

    5. A Briogeo exfoliating shampoo if you need help preventing flakes and buildup. It penetrates deeply, lifting dead skin and leftover products. Plus, the cooling formula soothes itching with a combination of anti-fungal oils, as well as moisturizing coconut oil that prevents future flakes.

    before photo of a flaky scalp next to an after photo of a flake-free scalp after using the scrub

    Briogeo is a Black- and female-owned hair care brand founded by Nancy Twine.

    Promising review: "The best shampoo I've ever used! I use this with the conditioner and my hair feels so amazing instantly. My hair has been falling out and thinning since I gave birth so I gave this a try as a free sample and bought the real thing instantly. My hair's getting thicker again and my split is back to normal again. I love this stuff!" —dramacitaa

    Get it from Amazon and Sephora for $42.

    6. A color-depositing conditioner so you can skip the hassle and mess of at-home box dyes or the hefty price tag of a salon visit. Each time you wash your hair using this conditioner, the color will become more vibrant.,

    Promising review: "I love this! Never using traditional home dye again. I ordered pastel pink. It was so easy; I hopped in the shower, got my hair wet, and added several pumps to my palm. Then I used my hands to work it through my strands like conditioner. I waited for the five minutes, finished showering, then it was time to rinse. That's it. From bleached blonde to pastel pink in less than 10 minutes total. Results were even better than expected. And I didn't need gloves; my hands didn't get dyed." —Tabatha Carpenter

    Get it from Amazon for $22 (available in 18 colors).

    7. A powerful benzoyl peroxide body wash to tackle buttne, backne, and cystic breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide is an antimicrobial agent that targets the bacteria on your skin that causes acne and also helps clear out your pores.

    Promising review: "In college I was having a hard time finding a product to calm my skin down. I didn't have serious acne, but definitely struggled with texture and random breakouts on my chin and cheeks. I gave this a try and I really did notice a difference. I like that it it a benzoyl peroxide wash yet feels calming on the skin. I also have very sensitive skin and I didn’t react to this wash at all. After a few uses I noticed a change in texture and a glow. Friends were even telling me my skin looks smooth and glowy and I have been referring them to this!" —Anita U

    Get it from Amazon for $21.97.

    8. A skin spatula that'll help remove blackheads and de-gunk pores using high frequency vibrations. This can also help your skincare absorb better since your pores won't be blocked with debris.,

    Promising review: "I never write reviews but I could not pass this one up. I have been fighting with my skin for years! After my last pregnancy, I started developing cystic acne; my skin was congested with oil, whiteheads, blackheads, you name it. All those years of desperately doing my own extractions, trying every mask, cleanser, device, my skin was left scarred and discolored. I hated the texture of my skin. I impulsively bought this and tried it the day it was delivered. I was amazed at how well it extracted all the gunk I could and couldn't see lurking under my skin. I use it every night to cleanse, then apply my serum and moisturizer. I took the first set of photos on 5/27 and still didn't love how my skin looked under makeup. I could tell it was doing something though so I stuck with it. Three days later, I woke up in shock! Took the second set of photos wearing the same makeup (but needed much less). I am finally happy with the way my skin looks and posted a selfie without a filter for the first time since I can remember! Just try it! (All photos were taken in natural light. Must've gotten some cloud cover in the last one. No filters on ANY of them! I'm still in shock!)" —Marlena H.

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99.

    9. A Foreo Luna Mini 2 for gently exfoliating your skin without leaving it red, raw, or tight. You can wave goodbye to dead skin cells clogging your pores! 👋

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This product is well worth the money!! It has offered me the deepest facial cleansing I have ever experienced. My face is always much smoother and tighter after using it. I have been using it in the morning once a day for the past month and my pores are smaller than ever before. Additionally, it has reduced the redness of my skin tremendously. Anytime I have a breakout, after about two washes with this cleanser the blemishes are completely gone. However, I must note that since using it I no longer have serious breakouts!! I am so glad I found this product. I recommend it to all my friends and family trying to improve their skincare routines." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $119 (available in five colors).

    Read our full Foreo Luna Mini 2 review for more deets!

    10. A Chi automatic curling iron, because you deserve perfect curls in mere minutes. All you do is insert your hair into the chamber and the curler will automatically wrap it around the heated rod. Then, just wait until it beeps to let you know that the curl has set. The best part: the barrel protects your fingers from getting burned.

    Promising review: "Love it!! I have fine-textured hair — very straight hair. I have trouble not only curling it but keeping it curled. For example the other day I left rollers in my hair for 45 minutes and got a minor wave that fell out in 10 minutes. This tool is easy and fast to use, adds shine, and the curl stays." —Alexandria

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in five colors).

    11. Octocurl, a no-heat hair curler if you want to achieve beautiful loose curls, spirals, twist outs, or beachy waves overnight. Just set your hair, go to sleep, and wake up to results!

    Reviewer with 3B/3C hair wrapped around the octocurl, which is wrapped around their head
    The same reviewer showing their beautifully defined curls the next day

    Promising review: "This product was very easy to use and my hair actually curled! My hair is naturally very straight and fine, and I am allergic to most hair products so I try and avoid using any. I ran a wet hair brush through my hair to dampen, rolled each hair strand around two of the vertical strips, rolled up, and used the provided hair ties to tie each strand up. The next morning I ran my fingers through my hair and I was done! It is fast, easy and the final result exceeded my expectations." —Verona B.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in three styles and nine colors).

    12. A First Aid Beauty cream so your dry, itchy skin is soothed with a mixture of colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, allantoin.

    Promising review: "Moving to Colorado and coming from a humid city was a rude awakening for my skin. I was breaking out like I was a teenager, having itchy skin from dryness and needed something for my face that wouldn’t make the breakouts worse. This product along with my acne care treatment has made my face the healthiest/clearest my skin has ever been! I use it every morning and night and my girlfriend even started using this after seeing how well it worked and how much I loved it. I tried a bunch of moisturizers, but my skin was always so sensitive. This has literally made my skin healthier than its ever been. 100% worth it. " —Vrain

    Get it from Amazon for $32 (also available in a face-specific moisturizer version).

    13. A powerful glycolic acid peel to help improve texture, reduce fine lines, and soften skin. Glycolic acid helps sort of unglue skin cells, so the softer, brighter layer underneath can emerge. But it can be a bit irritating to your skin so start slowly — especially because this peel also contains retinol, a collagen-boosting ingredient that can make your skin more sensitive.

    Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely incredible. In January of 2017 I finally decided to try an at-home peel in conjunction with retinoids. Take a look at the photos I posted and you'll see how happy I am with my progress (after photo on the right taken June 2017.) I've used this peel once a week and have had incredible results. Previously I did three rounds of Fraxel, which only resulted in severe pain, peeling, and grossness. Oh yes, and an empty savings account. For 30 bucks every few months I achieved better results than I got at a dermatologist's office." —Meredith

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    14. A thighs and buttne acne treatment that'll deliver relief from ingrown hairs and painful red bumps.

    before photo of a reviewer's thigh with several ingrown hairs and red irritated bumps next to an after photo of the same reviewer's thigh and the red bumps are mostly gone

    Promising review: "This is the same leg at the same time of night exactly a week apart. I can’t believe how well this stuff worked. If you need help with thigh breakouts, this is the stuff to try! I never got that 'burn' people talked about, but it cleared up my acne nonetheless! (An no I didn’t tan at all, that’s just the lighting)." —Kari M.

    Get it from Amazon for $25.88.

    15. A box of Crest 3D whitening strips for lightening your smile and removing up to 14 years of teeth stains sans the exorbitant dentist bill.,

    Promising review: "I have been using this for over 10 years. Nothing else compares." —Sande

    Get them from Amazon for $47.85.

    16. A Dr. Jart color-correcting treatment because it neutralizes redness while simultaneously protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays. This color-changing cream goes from green to beige and absorbs into the skin flawlessly; in fact, some reviewers wear it in place of foundation when they need light coverage.

    BuzzFeed editor wearing the cream on half of their face
    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed editor Elizabeth Lilly loves this cream:

    "I use this every single day and to demonstrate just how well it works, I put it on half of my face in the pic on the left. Seriously, the color-cancelling prowess is impressive. Also it took me nearly a year to go through the full-size jar. So if the price has you feeling iffy, you can try out a travel version. I'm forever indebted to this stuff."

    Promising review: "I have rosacea on both my cheeks and a bit on chin and also have a couple of acne spots on my chin as well and I’ve tried so many foundations to cover up my cheeks and no matter how full coverage my cheeks will still show through. So I decided to try this and I love it!!!! I use this after primer and moisturizer and then use a foundation (because I fake tan and my face is paler than my body) and my skin looks amazing!!! I’m so impressed! I love makeup but I could never really use a lot of face products because I was embarrassed. Definitely recommend if you have rosacea and want to wear full coverage foundation or even as a BB cream." —elyse1518

    Get it from Sephora for $52.

    17. Or a calming cream if your complexion is often red and splotchy. This soothing formula contains centella asiatica — also called "tiger grass" — which calms redness and irritation.

    Promising review: "Absolutely worth every single cent! I have severe rosacea that leaves my nose and cheeks dry, flaky, and breaking out. I’ve had little success with anything topical that will provide relief to my irritated skin. My sister recommended it to me when I was looking for a moisturizer after a severe sunburn that left my nose blistered and raw. I received my order Wednesday and applied it that night after washing my face. By Saturday afternoon my face is almost completely healed. The cream prevented peeling, and helped clear up my rosacea skin irritation! I’m completely amazed! I’ve applied less than a dime size over my face four times! My skin has truly never felt better! It’s got to be witchcraft because not even the different RXs I’ve tried over the years have produced these results. *I will note there was a very mild sting that lasted a couple seconds when initially applying but that was likely due to the raw skin. It was completely bearable." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $22.18.

    18. An InStyler hot brush so folks with thick, coily hair don't have to spend forever straightening their hair. The paddle offers more surface area for your strands, meaning it needs fewer passes to straighten.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed editor Maitland Quitmeyer (that's her above!) swears by this:

    "You guys, with just one pass over my hair, it was almost entirely straight. My jaw literally dropped. Two more passes and it was pin-straight, not fried-looking, and just a joy to run my fingers through. I did my whole head of hair in about 15 minutes. I really can't describe how shocked I was by the results. There are four temperature settings too, from 300 degrees – 450 degrees, so you can customize the heat for your hair type. (I tried it on both the hottest and second hottest settings, and both worked for my very coarse hair — just make sure you protect your hair from the heat!)"

    Get it on Instyler for $79.99.

    19. Or a Revlon hot air brush to help you go from wet, tangled, frizzy hair to a shiny, salon-worthy blowout in minutes. FYI this is the hot air brush that all the influencers you follow on IG are raving about because it is just 👏 that 👏 good 👏.,

    The brush has special vents that allow air to flow so hair dries faster. Plus, it's quicker than using a dryer and then a flat iron or curling iron, which equals less heat damage.

    Promising review: "This product did what it said it would and more. It is easy to use, and it has saved me time getting ready in the morning. My hair is so shiny and full of volume. It feels very healthy. Even the ends of my hair look good. I have even been able to use it to extend days between washes. Very impressed." —Sara Kovach

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99+ (available in four colors).

    20. A Paula's Choice liquid exfoliant that'll resurface the skin, brighten hyperpigmentation and acne scars, clear pores, and improve skin texture. If you're just dipping your toes in the chemical exfoliant pool (first of all, welcome!!), start by applying this every other day or a few times a week to build up a tolerance and not irritate your skin.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the exfoliant dramatically reduced hyperpigmentation on their cheek and made the skin smoother
    A reviewer with dark skin and their before and after showing the exfoliant brightened dark spots along their hairline and made their skin look bright

    Promising review: "Love this product. Have already purchased it twice. I could actually see improvement in the size of my pores, redness around my nose and dullness. Mind you, I do follow a very strict skincare routine, but I think that I will stick to this product for a while. I use a cleaner, toner, then this Paula product, followed by my nighttime serum and my vitamin A (retinol) cream for face and the neck, and décolletage cream as well. My husband has noticed the improvement as well. If you are hesitant, you can always try buying the traveling size bottle as well. That's what I did and then I got hooked. Get it! It won't disappoint!" —Felicitas Martinez

    Get it from Amazon for $10+ (available in two sizes).

    21. A purifying serum for anyone with blemish-prone skin. It contains niacinamide (also called vitamin B3), a superstar ingredient that protects against moisture loss, tightens pores, and reduces discoloration.

    before photo of a reviewer with red splotches and breakouts on their cheek and an after photo of the same cheek, which looks less irritated and has fewer acne scars

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a product for my acne scars. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW I STUMBLED UPON THIS PRODUCT! One application and I already saw a noticeable difference. I immediately purchased more products from this brand. I almost don’t want to tell people about it because it’s that good." —Jessica

    Get it from Amazon for $25.

    22. A vegan and cruelty-free pH-balanced oil to foam cleanser because it cleans your face — like really cleans it — without leaving it feeling tight and stripped. It's made with vitamin B5, chinaberry extract, and olive oil.

    Promising review: "This cleanser literally changed my life. I have extremely dry skin to the point that it flakes and peels, especially around my nose and chin area. Those areas become problem areas and doing pretty much anything to my skin to try and help the dryness just made me breakout. I took a leap of faith with this product honestly and it 100% paid off. I will likely use this product from now on! For reference, I have extremely dry, and sensitive skin. I'm prone to acne from dryness, and I have uneven skin tone and redness and poor skin texture. I have a lot of allergies in general." —Kathleen

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    23. An Oribe texturizing spray if you want va-va-voom volume without that annoying white residue. Say hello to new heights and grease absorption that'll make your third-day hair look fresh.

    Before and after of BuzzFeed editor showing the spray added volume to her flat hair
    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This item was a splurge for me but I had heard great things so I thought I'd try it out. IT IS AMAZING! There's no going back to another product now. It adds a little grit to my fine hair and it great to use regardless how I am styling my hair. I would recommend this product 100%!!" —Erin

    Get it from Amazon for $23+ (available in two sizes).

    Check out my colleague's full Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray review for her full thoughts.

    24. A bottle of azelaic acid so you can add a new skincare ingredient to your vocabulary *and* reap its benefits. It can help prevent pimples and blackheads from forming because it increases the speed of cell renewal — which has the added benefit of correcting dark spots. And, it helps kill the bacteria that causes rosacea and acne, so consider it a win-win.

    before photo of a reviewer with light discoloration and dark spots next to an after photo of the same reviewer and many of their dark spots are gone to reveal a smoother, more glowy complexion

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I have been using this with vitamin C every day for six months and it has almost diminished all of my brown spots. Not sure if they were freckles or sun damage but they are gone. So worth the money. My picture is a before and after and no makeup in either." —TZ in AZ

    Get it from Amazon for $20.

    25. A pore-cleansing oil to wash away thick makeup, oil, dirt, debris, and whatever other ickiness has settled on your face after a long day.

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I have very oily skin. I’ve literally tried thousands of dollars worth of products over the years; cleansers and masks have not worked even half as well as promised. Same thing with make up. This product is absolutely amazing! I would have to use blotting papers or powder at least ten times a day. Results of this product are immediate! I now use blotting papers a couple times a day and only apply powder once in the morning. I’m so impressed that I’ve ordered a few more of their products." —D. B.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.

    26. A Dyson hair dryer may make you tear up a little bit when you look at the price tag — but it'll also make you shed happy tears when it gives you the salon-worthy blowout of your dreams in a fraction of the time it takes to dry your hair with your current hair dryer. Not only does it dry hair faster, but it also helps define curls, reduces frizz, adds shine and smoothness, and even protects against extreme heat damage. Who'd a thunk it? A genius, that's who!

    before photo of a model with an afro and an after photo of the same model whose afro has been styled into more defined curls

    It come with five magnetic attachments — a styling concentrator, a diffuser, a wide-tooth comb, a flyaway attachment, and a gentle air attachement — as well as a nonslip mat and storage hanger.

    Promising review: "I have baby fine hair and decided to splurge and buy this little gem for myself to get some volume and smoothness. My old T3 dryer, which I had for 10 years, was functioning, but not to my liking. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd like this dryer, if it would live up to the hype, but it certainly did! It dries my hair so quickly and gives me a TON of volume and shine. I love that it has the option of either the cool shot or cool level adjustor. I also love the different magnetic attachments so styling is easier. I hope this dryer will last forever because it's a dream to use!" —renny79

    Get it from Sephora for $399 (available in two colors).

    The Dyson Supersonic won our pick for the best hair dryer. Check out our full review for more deets.

    27. A dark spot corrector for brightening dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. This serum contains hydroquinone and kojic acid, among other things, to fade any discoloration so your skin looks glowy and smooth.

    Reviewer with very dark scars on their forehead at the beginning of treatment and then with dramatically brighter skin after three weeks

    Promising review: "I’m actually super impressed with this skincare line. I started using the hydroquinone two weeks ago and just started the retinoid cream last night. I have always been a snob when it comes to skincare, spending $$$ on a product. My skin tone has noticeable evened out and spots are fading all for a fraction of the cost." —EmeGracesMom

    Get it from Amazon for $24.

    28. A wave spray because it creates the perfect beachy waves — but minus the sand, sweat, and screaming seagulls. Its weightless formula uses rice protein to produce some hold in your hair so everyone on your Zoom call can enjoy your effortlessly tousled curls.


    My coworker Heather Braga loves it and can't stop singing its praises. In her own words:

    "I have naturally wavy (but frizzy) hair and after trying many products this is where I've happily landed. Ouai is the first brand I recommend to my fellow wavy-haired ladies. It's light, doesn't leave your locks feeling crunchy, doesn't have an overpowering smell, and keeps hair looking fresh. My only complaint is it doesn't come in a massive-sized bottle!"

    Get it from Amazon and Sephora for $26.

    29. A lash serum if you want the look of lash extensions without the triple-digit price tag. This miracle in a bottle is stuffed with amino acids, peptides, and vitamins that may make your lashes look longer and thicker.

    reviewer photo of their lashes in february, march, and april and you can tell that their lashes get longer and thicker looking as the months progress

    Promising review: "I was dubious about actually seeing longer lashes but I am happy to report that this product delivered. I am in my mid 60s with my lashes having become thin and stubby. False eyelashes had no appeal. I have been using this product for six weeks and began seeing results after about three. I don't even use the product every day, perhaps three or four times a week. Even the very sparse lashes on the outer bottom lid are beginning to fill in. It is easy to apply and, once dry, makeup can even be worn along with it. I have no way to compare value as this is the only lash growth product I have used but for me it was money well spent." —Mostlyharmless

    Get a three-month supply from Amazon for $65.

    30. An corded epilator so you can enjoy smoother, hair-free legs and armpits for longer than you would if you shaved.

    Reviewer comparing their smooth epilated legs to their fuzzy non-epilated leg

    Promising review: "Money well spent! I have had one of these for at least 15 years. I just got another to have at the lake. The more you use it, the finer your hair grows. I use it on legs, armpits, and bikini area. It's great to not need to shave every day. You may want to exfoliate to try to avoid getting ingrown hairs." —aubrey antonuccio

    Get it from Amazon for $37.27.

    31. A potent matrixyl 3000 serum (ooooh fancy!) to hydrate, repair damage, boost collagen production, improve skin texture, firm, and even out pigmentation.

    Promising review: "I took the first picture before I started this serum and took the second today in the same location and lighting three weeks later. I can't believe the difference. I've only been putting it on in the evenings, but with such great results, I think I'll start using it twice a day! This stuff is amazing!" —Tracy

    Get it from Amazon for $35.90.

    32. A bottle of Olaplex No. 3, a splurge-worthy repairing treatment that'll revive your dry, damaged, colored hair. As someone who spends four-plus hours bleaching my hair every six to eight weeks, I can 100% vouch for this miracle in a bottle

    Before and after of BuzzFeed editor who used the treatment showing it made her damaged, frizzy bleached blonde hair look smoother, shinier, and healthier
    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    I went from very dark brown/almost black Asian hair to platinum blonde, a color I've maintained for almost four years. I truly believe the only reason I still have hair on my head is because 1. my colorist is amazing and 2. Olaplex. Despite having pretty strong hair, I remember globs of it breaking off in the shower right after I bleached my mane. In a panic, I bought a bottle of Olaplex and my hair has been thanking me ever since. I hate how expensive a single small bottle is, but I truly can't be without this. It's reduced breakage and brittleness, minimized frizziness, and just generally helped my hair look healthy.

    Get it from Amazon for $28.

    My colleague (pictured above) also swears by this stuff. Check out her Olaplex review here for more deets and some before and afters that'll make you buy this in bulk.

    33. A leave-in balm for telling frizz and dryness to take a hike, depositing lasting hydration in its lightweight formula that keeps hair smooth and shiny.

    Before and after of model wearing the product showing its added curl definition, increased shine, and reduced frizziness

    My coworker Bek O'Connell tested this and had only good things to say! In her own words:

    "I use this on my hair's ends and WOW! It really works. It keeps my hair from poofing up and makes it feel super soft, especially when I'm blow-drying it. You just need a dime's worth, so it lasts for a long time."

    Get it from Amazon for $28 and Sephora for $29.

    34. A vitamin C serum because it'll help you say ~c~ you later to hyperpigmentation. It also contains vitamin E and ferulic acid (both have antioxidant properties), and hyaluronic acid (works to plump and hydrate).

    before and after showing the vitamin c helped significantly fade reviewer's hyperpigmentation on their cheek

    Promising review: "I’ve used this serum for two months and had amazing results! My scars are lightening and though I keep getting acne it goes away fairly quickly with this. I also use the face lotion and eye lotion from Mad Hippie. Love them!" —desiree

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    Me when you question whether you need any of these products:

    Lonely Island Classics

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.