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    Our Readers Say These 17 Products For Dogs Are The Best They've Ever Bought

    Including an indestructible chew toy, a no-pull harness, and a donut bed you'll probably wish came in human sizes.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what the best dog product they ever bought was — here's what they said!

    1. A donut dog bed that'll quickly become your pup's new favorite spot. The soft faux fur covering is designed to be reminiscent of a mama dog's soft coat, and the raised rim may help comfort anxious pupperinos while supporting their head and neck.

    2. A reversible dog pouch so you can take your pup with you wherever you go. This is great for anxious pets who need to be by your side basically 24/7 as well as senior dogs who want to explore but get tired or sore very quickly.

    3. A deceptively tough soft toy to last you and your dog years instead of mere minutes.

    Golden retriever holding the fish toy in its mouth

    4. A near indestructible Jolly Ball if a play session with your vigorous chewers usually ends with a shredded toy.

    5. A Chuckit! Kick Fetch ball, a grooved ball for pups who have touble biting into other toys. This foam rubber ball has deep grooves you *and* Fido can easily grab, plus it floats in water so playtime can involve the pool.

    Reviewer photo of a husky biting the ball, which is almost the size of its head

    6. A Goughnuts chew ring because it was designed by engineers who made rubber for aircraft and spaceships so you know it's really, really durable.

    7. A custom doggy knee brace that'll help your fur baby take back their freedom after an injury. Here's to many more years of chasing squirrels in the backyard!

    Reviewer photo of a dog with a knee brace on its right hind leg

    8. A paraben- and sulfate-free dog shampoo and moisturizing paw balm so you can spoil your doggo from head to toe.

    9. An organic paw balm to keep the pads on your dog's paws soft and protect against hot sidewalks. You can also use it on your dog's nose to keep it moisturized!

    The paw balm

    10. A foam lookout car seat if your dog demands daily car rides in style. The sherpa lining is luxuriously soft, and the machine-washable nylon cover is designed to repel hair.

    Reviewer photo of a small dog in the carrier

    11. And if that one didn't tick all your boxes, reviewers also recommend this car seat for ensuring your doggo can safely enjoy barking at passing cars thanks to its safety belt tether.

    Small dog in the carrier

    12. A no-pull harness because as much as you love walking your dog, you don't enjoy being dragged in every direction. The straps of this harness sit on your dog's chest and belly to prevent choking when your dog pulls, and D ring where you attach the leash is designed to steer your dog to your side.

    Reviewer photo of a large dog wearing the harness

    13. A cooling dog vest that'll keep your pets cool this summer. It's made of mesh so air can easily circulate, and the water-retaining fabric that draws heat from your pupper's body.

    Reviewer photo of a cream Frenchie wearing a blue cooling dog vest

    14. A nutrient blend you mix with your dog's food to ensure your fur child is getting everything they need.

    A can of the nutrient blend

    15. A lick pad to smear with peanut butter and keep your dog distracted while you do all the things they hate but need to get done (aka nail trims and baths).

    Reviewer photo of dog licking peanut butter off of lick pad mounted to the wall

    16. A dog stroller for bringing your pup on all your outdoor adventures. It's especially great for older or injured pups who have trouble getting around.

    Reviewer photo of a medium-size dog in a blue mesh stroller

    More proof that you need a stroller for your doggo:

    Reviewer photo of their dog in a stroller

    17. And a waterproof, fleece-lined dog coat with a built-in harness that'll come in handy once it gets cold again. You attach the leash directly to the jacket so you don't have to fiddle with a separate harness and coat.

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