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What's The Best Product You've Bought For Your Dog?

What purchase earned you two paws up from your pup?

Are you obsessed with your dog? Do you spoil them often with new toys, fancy schmancy food, and treats galore?

If the answer is yes, tell me, what is the best product you've ever bought for your dog?

Maybe it's a toy that they carry with them every minute they're not sleeping or eating, like this durable stuffed duck.

Puppy sleeping while holding the stuffed duck

But it could be something more practical, like an allergy supplement that helped your doggo stop scratching themselves raw.

Or a plush orthopedic dog bed that your pup refuses to let the cat step even one paw on before chasing them away.

Bulldog laying on the gray dog bed, which has an L-shaped bolster

It could even be a silly pair of dog goggles, aka doggles that you bought to take photos for your dog's Instagram.

Tell me (and your fellow dog owners) what the product is, why your pupperino loves it so much, and a link to where we can find it, and we may feature your response in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.