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    18 Underrated TV Shows You Should Be Watching

    You'll thank us later.

    1. Imposters

    Bravo / Stan

    Imposters is a new dark comedy on Bravo which has only just started but is a wild ride from the first episode. A gorgeous and brilliant con artist finds vulnerable men and women to fall in love with, marries them, and takes them for everything they're worth. When three of her former victims team up to find her, everything comes crashing down. Unpredictable, incredibly funny, and after a few episodes UMA THURMAN shows up to steal literally every scene.

    Find it on Bravo (US) or Stan (Aus).

    2. Legion


    OK, Legion is set within the X-Men universe, but doesn't have anything to do with the movies. It follows David, who could be one of the most powerful mutants of all time... or he could just be nuts. An absolute pleasure to watch, Legion isn't just your average superhero show. It's packing a punch with its incredible visuals, absolutely bonkers narrative structure, and a superb cast.

    Find it on FX (US) or Foxtel (Aus).

    3. Underground

    WGN America

    Underground follows a group of slaves planning their escape from a Georgia plantation, making a 600-mile journey to freedom. The story of the Underground Railroad is brought to life with an incredible and electric cast. This show doesn't hold back and is gripping, intense, and brilliant.

    Find it on WGN (US) or Stan (Aus).

    4. Preacher


    Based on the graphic novel series of the same name, Preacher is intense, dark, graphic, and a shitload of fun. A small-town preacher collides with a holy power that gives him the ability to command total obedience to his every word. It's just that... it's a very literal power and sometimes things get out of hand. Along with his ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and a mysterious, shadowy figure Cassidy, the Preacher sets out on a holy quest.

    Find it on AMC (US) or Stan (Aus).

    5. Chef's Table


    Chef's Table is one of Netflix's greatest achievements to date. Each episode features a chef who creates outstanding and brilliant food. The series is so wonderful to watch, and each chef is full of passion. Personal favourites include Niki Nakayama in Season 1, Dominique Cren in Season 2, and Jeong Kwan and Nancy Silverton in Season 3. It'll have you plating your microwaveable dinners with new flair.

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    6. Lady Dynamite


    Maria Bamford is a brilliant comedian who has always been incredibly open with her history of life, so it's no surprise her Netflix series is loosely based on her own story. The series is trippy, hilarious, and often heartbreaking, but at all times Bamford is an absolute star.

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    7. Schitt's Creek

    CBC Television

    A laugh-out-loud comedy that follows the Rose family, whose business manager steals all their money leaving them nothing but the deed to a small town called Schitt's Creek. Along with their two incredibly spoiled children David and Alexis, Johnny and his wife Moira have to adjust from mega mansions to a motel, and it's seriously brilliant. The series is the brainchild of Eugene Levy and his son Daniel, who also star as father and son in the series.

    Find it on Pop (US) or Netflix (Aus).

    8. Chewing Gum


    If you haven't watched Chewing Gum bye, go leave now and watch it because it is exceptionally funny. The show stars Michaela Coel as Tracey Gordon who was raised in a super religious household, but she just really wants to have sex, see the world, and have sex.

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    9. The Leftovers


    Gearing up for its third and final season, The Leftovers is a drama-lovers dream. The series is set three years after an unexplained event known as the "sudden departure", where 2% of the world's population simultaneously vanished. So far the show has never aimed to explain where those people went, or why, but looks at the world they left behind. It's a wild ride, and it's surely going to go out with a bang.

    Find it on HBO (US) or Foxtel (Aus).

    10. Crazyhead


    If Misfits and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a baby, it would look something like Crazyhead. The horror/comedy series follows Amy and Raquel as they come to terms with their rare ability to see demons hiding in society. The two join forces to become a demon-hunting team, and literally all hell breaks loose. This show is ridiculously funny.

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    11. Travelers


    A specialised team of experts from the future are given a mission and their consciousness is transported into a host body in the past, seconds before that body's recorded time of death. Once situated in the past, the team assemble, and attempt to prevent the future they came from, but what fun would it be if everything always went to plan?

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    12. Good Behaviour


    It's hard being good, so why bother? Michelle Dockery stars as Letty Raines, recently released from prison and on a mission to gain back custody of her 10-year-old son. But when she tries to intervene in a contract killing, her already complicated life is intertwined with the killer's.

    Find it on TNT (US) or Stan (Aus).

    13. Billions


    Based loosely on real events, Billions follows a US Attorney as he goes after a hedge fund manager in a war of New York's major figures. The series stars Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff, and Malin Akerman, and it's a LOT of fun.

    Find it on Showtime (US) or Stan (Aus).

    14. Love


    Judd Apatow is behind this Netflix comedy that takes a very honest approach to dating, commitment, and... well... Love. Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust brilliantly star as Mickey and Gus who juggle the ridiculous comedy, and humiliations that come with falling in love.

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    15. Timeless


    What happens when you leave a time machine laying around? DUH, some dude is going to steal it to funk up history for their own good. In Timeless a bad dude steals a time machine and it's up to one of the machine's engineers, a history professor, and a Delta Force soldier to stop him from changing the past.

    Find it on Hulu (US).

    16. Baskets


    Zach Galifianakis, Louie Anderson, and Martha Kelly lead this superbly funny dark comedy about man whose dream is to be a clown. After dropping out of a fancy French school for clowning, he returns to his hometown and works at a rodeo.

    Find it on FX (US) or Foxtel (Aus).

    17. Designated Survivor


    You know that whole thing about one member of Cabinet having to be sitting in a safe place when all the others are in the same spot, right? Well... I'm sure you can guess what this show is about. Kiefer Sutherland stars as Tom Kirkman, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. When an explosion claims the lives of the President and his entire cabinet, Kirkman is forced to take on the biggest job in the world.

    Find it on Hulu (US) or Netflix (Aus).

    18. 3%


    A Brazilian dystopian thriller set in a future where the world is divided between the Offshore, full of progress and affluence, and the Inland, which is devastated by poverty. Candidates are given a chance to cross from the Inland, but only 3% will succeed.

    Find it on Netflix (US and Aus).

    To find out where these shows are available in your region check out JustWatch.

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